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Thread: Transfer my bakers story 2 game to my new Facebook account plz.

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    Transfer my bakers story 2 game to my new Facebook account plz.

    I need my baker story 2 game linked plz to that current Facebook account:
    Susanne Girschka

    Anytime i try loggin with Bakery story 2 in to my new facebook account its resetting my game with the progress from the beginning.
    I dont wanna loose my progress just change my email adress, so i can use the same progress on my old bakery story 2 level on my new Facebook account.
    So plz link my bakery story 2 game to my and transfer my old progress to that account?

    My Gamer Id is Celestias Heaven

    Conntecting with google Play didn?t help either to get on the new facebook account my old progress back, and i will no longer use my old Facebook account because it got hacked.

    I will not argue about this, why i will not go back to my old account again.

    I am currently at level 35 and can sent a screenshot if it is needed so you can tell at which progress my current game is to transfer my old game to the new Facebook account.

    Thanks in Advance
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