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Thread: Bakery Story 5 Day Goal: "It's Still Cold" January 11, 2018

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    Oh yay love the recipes.

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    Thank you S8 for an update , appreciate and I'm excited for the next goal already
    Bring back that Truffle Chair cuz I wanna eat it

    Would love to see full collection of starry and floral theme goals re-release in BS
    eg : Virgo Mango Smoothie , Scorpio Crossio oh ya ! And Alice in Wonderland Version 2 teehee

    LV90 above 4 Star active player are welcome to add me BS & RS

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    Which machines have the Berry Flans and Espresso?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leela2013 View Post
    Which machines have the Berry Flans and Espresso?
    One is on the (Basic) White Oven, the other is on the (Basic) Drink Mixer.

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    Cocoa maker: remastered?

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    Finally Cocoa Maker has another recipes 😃

    Thank you for sharing.


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    Really wish the final prize was the ice burristra, but still glad that there are new recipes! Hopefully we can get a winter sale soon!

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    The prize is “new” to me so yay for that. As for the recipes I can’t wait to master them all!!
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    So the final prize is the "ice sculpture"?... Love the new recipes

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    happy for new recipes.....

    (are they actually from restaurant city, just feel I've seen them somewhere)

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