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Thread: Bearon - 2018 Jan 9

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    O.M.G. 6 Grassquatch on a row. Nice for the LB points. But want the Bearon.
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    13th; Granite Golem @12-19
    14th; Onyx Direwolf @01-20
    15th; Peridot Phoenix @02-20

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    I was trying a lot for this guy at the beginning, and kept failing, but I finally managed to breed one- right after getting a Flame Kirin on my second or third try! So I?m happy with that ? hopefully I can pick up an Ottocrat before the quest time ends, it looks really cute. this is a nice change from not even being able to get a Royal Roe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by carolineannlv View Post
    Not yet got Bearon, and part 2 is coming up tonight. I don't think I'll be able to get the either of the first two, and then I won't even be able to try for the third sadly.
    So I'm not getting Bearon at all. Lots of Hedgehogs, Grassquatch, and wasted time. I'm not even getting an option for part 2. I'm assuming it won't be offered until I get part 1. I'm so over this. It will be nice if I get it but I'm not spending any gems. I really don't care any more. Congrats to all those who are successful

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    This game is getting on my nerves.Already this stupid goal system of crafting your favourite is still active which only enables to get a single new element animal easily through lb to players like me.Did not got a single animal in the past three crafting events and these stupid frustrating breeding quest is plus making a disaster.Sometimes I think why im playing this game.ugggh!!!
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    Just when I felt like giving up on Bearon I got a 5 hour timer with Pumpkin Panda and Harvest Hedgehog!
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    Won Sultan Steed in Shining Sands Storybook
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    Bred Bearon!
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    After loads of tries with different combos, 1st try with Grassquatch and Paw Paw Bear. Finally.

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    I got it with Rock Rhino and Grassquatch 1st try.

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    It took until last night, but finally I got a Bearon. I changed what I was breeding for and went back to it. Apparently helped my odds. But I have 5days to get Ottocrat, plus a Dusk Ox for the story book (common or not it isn't giving me a break), this doesn't bode well.

    But I'm glad I've got y Bearon now.

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    Just now FINALLY got the Bearon on my third account. And I might be wrong, but I think I followed it up with an immediate Ottocrat? Oh wait, that combo creates the Rainguin parade, doesn't it? Ugh.
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    WOW, I am so happy, after Several days of breeding for the Bearon I FINALLY got it with PawPaw Bear and Spring Equifox this morning!!

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