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Thread: Restaurant Story 2: 2018 - current

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    ID: msjomaaranda

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Apr 2012
    🌹please add marii73 🌹I play and gift daily to those that gift and like back thank you 👍🏼😝

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    Add Me For Daily Gifts!

    Any active chefs around? Please add me in the game! Sure to send gifts daily, !
    Storm8 ID: TomehtoTomahto

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    Jul 2019
    Looking for people to gift daily and help is this game alive? Add me please! Bekalo

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    my friend code; chefariyana
    add me guys active player here

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    Looking for active neighbors on FB for quick serves. You can pm me and I’ll shoot you a req. I’m on break from school, so I’m super active these days especially

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    My id is:
    Please add me

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    Apr 2012
    Please add Marii73 I play everyday and gift to those that gift me goals are hard to do without help from neighbors I also play fashion story bakery story thank you

    ID: Marii73

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