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Thread: Bakery Story: January 2018

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    New Resident
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    Aug 2016
    Looking for neighbors who gift daily and answers request. Tipping is not necessary. My ID is faz68.

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    Hi, pls add me. I answer requests and send gifts daily. Rarely visit though.

    ID : Han5elv0nGrete1

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    please add me😊 lmaoroflhahalol

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    Aug 2011
    Add me: Mcnaynay

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    Hi! Looking for active players. Tipping isn?t necessary but gifting is 🎁. I gift daily. Parts not food 🍰 crazybarbie110 is my ID ♥️ Add up x

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    New Neighbors Needed!

    I'm looking for active neighbors. Accepting all requests. I don't tip daily but I always gift and reply to requests as quickly as possible 🎁🎀
    ID : cakeybakey07 AND crazybarbie110 💞
    Add up x

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    Feb 2014
    ID: applesmcgee

    My level 99 bakery Water Bottle is back in business after a 2 year hiatus. I respond to requests ASAP and gift back (usually what you gift unless otherwise requested) daily. I don?t tip religiously but try and keep 2 or 3 stars.

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    Feb 2014
    ID: zipporah

    My secondary L75 bakery, zippy, also needs new neighbors! Same goes as for my previous post.

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    Jul 2015
    I am a very active player, am on every few hours to check food and check requests.
    With every request as long as you?re not maxed, I accept your part request and then also send you another separately. Later in the day I will send out mass parts/goal parts.
    To keep my 3-4 star players happy, I go down my neighbor list daily and silent tip all 3-4 star players. I have many 0-2 star players that I keep to send parts to, I just don?t tip them, and I am not bothered if I don?t get tips.

    I am level 99, and honestly don?t care if you?re level 10, as long as you respond to my requests and try to send out parts daily. I won?t delete you if it?s not daily but it would be nice to stock up on parts when it?s not goal time

    If you feel we?ll be good neighbors, send me an invite 🆔manda587

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    Add me: Tinkerbella_4ever

    Hi there, I am very active! Looking for friends to add to my neighborhood, tip and help build appliances! Hope to see you soon!
    STORM ID: Tinkerbella_4ever

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