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Thread: Restaurant Story: January 2018

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    Farm Supplier
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    Jun 2012
    Add me : acjonsson

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    Fashion Designer
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    Nov 2013
    Parts only no food, visit and tips when can, all requests answered if okay, kat8rose

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    I?m in need of active players who aren?t picky with gifts. I tip and gift everyone Monday-Friday and I tip off my wall during the weekends. Add me ID: mermaidfox

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    ADD ME PLEASE: phunglavip

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    Aug 2013

    I?m looking for neighbors who are...

    1. 3-4 star players who play at least 5 days a week
    2. Parts ONLY gifters
    3. Play during goals and answer requests (not just send theirs out and run off)
    4. I NEED PEOPLE WHO READ THEIR WALL OR MINE. I often ask players to hold gifts on Thursdays.

    Prefer players that are able to play from 2am - 12pm CST. / 12am - 10am PST. / 3am - 1pm EST
    If your wondering, I hate getting players that are all over the board. Like to play for a bit and then be able to keep my wall clean prior to turning in for the night.

    If sending a neighbor request, please reference this post. I will decline all others.


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    Hi, I’m a daily player needing neighbours who only GIFT PARTS, NO FOOD.
    I’m level 81 and am friendly.
    I gift all at once and answer all requests, am on throughout the day.
    Thank you

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    Feb 2016
    I need new neighbors who will gift parts for goals. I don't care about daily tips, but I do gift parts daily, even if theres no goal. I just really need active neighbors who can help out with parts for goals and any goal requests. With goals, I send out parts everyday and respond to part requests right away. Please add me: Anikamarie23

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    Dec 2017
    Looking for active players especially during goals. Please add mama0618

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    Please add loranna23. Not picky about visiting or gifts, all gifts are good. Really could use help with parts during goals and always send requests promply. Lets help each other. :-)

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    I'm active on two different accounts: scarletdragon18 and PumpkinSpiceBatte
    Games I play: CS, BS, RS
    I accept all neighbor requests! I also try to return gifts in a timely manner~

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