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Thread: Restaurant Story: January 2018

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    Dec 2017
    I am a very active player. Tip, gift, and respond to requests daily. I gift goal or basic parts unless requested otherwise, and I do not gift until the end of the day so there is plenty of time to get requests in. I'm looking for neighbors with the following qualities so that I can have a more enjoyable game play:

    -Post your gift preferences on your wall or mine (even if it's just food), or send a request and I'll gift that item.
    -Keep your wall relatively clear if that's where you post your gift preferences.
    -3 to 4 stars
    -Most importantly, respond to requests and gift daily.
    -NEVER send me food. What I need/want will ALWAYS be posted.
    -Silent tippers (and non tippers) welcome ^_^

    ID (RS & BS): kata_rei

    Looking forward to being neighbors with you ^_^

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    My ID is TalulahJuniper
    Please add me!

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    Add me ellyscaffe

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    Hi, I’m looking for some daily players. PARTS ONLY gifters. I gift only PARTS, no food. I respond to all requests. I tip when I can and don’t expect to be tipped back. I won’t delete you if you are a 0. When I tip I do it silently, don’t leave messages.
    I play several times each day and check frequently if someone wants something.
    I am also looking for the same players on bakery story.
    I am level 79.
    I am friendly and am in Australia, so the time zone is different from others.

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    Add me my id is DylanGaz

    I try my best to tip back, I am on level 96, and I respond to material requests

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    Hi! Pls add me "emperadorred16" . I play Restaurant Story, Bakery Story, Nightclub Story, and Fashion Story. Thankssss 😊

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    Please add me. I give tips and parts. Just starting out. I'm in need of parts at the moment. Always lend a helping hand whenever possible. Thank you guys! User name is SurfergirlSD

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    Add me : williamirvin01

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