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Thread: Phone shutting down completely?

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    Angry Phone shutting down completely?

    This is a pretty ridiculous bug, and it happens not only in RS but also in BS. I couldn't find another post concerning this issue and having to enter a CAPTCHA for every search is ase
    nine so I gave up on that angle.

    I'm using the Droid X, fully updated, not rooted. Frequently, the game will simply freeze and nothing I do can bring it back, it just shuts down completely. Sometimes I can't even turn it back on; I have to do a battery pull. I have not encountered any other application doing this other than TeamLava's.

    It doesn't really happen at any particular moment other than if I try to interact with it. If the game is just open, it will be fine, but sometimes even moving the camera will freeze it, collecting tips, accepting gifts, using appliances or even opening a menu.

    It's frustrating because I love the games themselves but this kind of failure is unacceptable. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    On my Droid X, yes, happened to me a couple of times. Unfortunately I don't have a solution for you. My ipod touch is worse. At least on droid I can play and play, where my ipod crashes out every 5 minutes. I know I'm just ranting, but I wanted to let you know you're not the only one.

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