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Thread: Has anyone ever taken a long break from the game?

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    Has anyone ever taken a long break from the game?

    I'm thinking about taking a break from the game bc it's become a chore and I've found myself sometimes making plans around cook times. That's not healthy.
    Did you ever take a long break? Did you feel better about it? When you came back, were you upset about missing out on ovens/decor?

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    took a 3 years break from the game , do get sad missing those cool stuff , but when im back , i realize there's some problems , i have a feeling that storm 8 is going through a difficult time. I really hope they won't give up on BS as they are really awesome , it helps me to learn all the different desserts , drinks , pastry all around the world , the culture, the story , the love of each country. I really don't want to see them creating goals without any effort by replacing or repainting the colours , releasing things from RS , putting less effort on designing graphics and now they even release the exact same recipe whcich means there's duplicate recipe in a game, well look at the bright side is people get to unlock if they missed the previous goas, pros and cons still i love you BS. I pray for BS almost every night to get better , and i know they will , if you read this s8 please dont give up, you have lots of fans who will built the company tgt , just show some love to the players , and you'll get plenty in return.
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    Bring back that Truffle Chair cuz I wanna eat it

    Would love to see full collection of starry and floral theme goals re-release in BS
    eg : Virgo Mango Smoothie , Scorpio Crossio oh ya ! And Alice in Wonderland Version 2 teehee

    LV90 above 4 Star active player are welcome to add me BS & RS

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    I took a 3-4 year break and started fresh on a new device a few months ago. I'm enjoying the game(s) much more than I did then. I've also learned a lot of new tips on how to earn money, managing neighbours/gifts/requests, etc. that have helped me advance far more quickly than when I first played. I do regret missing out on all of those recipes which I can see locked but there's always going to be new ones (at least on BS).

    I recommend to anyone that they should take a break once the game stops being fun. Don't worry about keeping neighbours, there will always be new people to add if you return. Or if you really don't want to stop, identify what is causing the game to be unpleasant (can't complete goals in time? bad neighbours? overstocked counters?) and cut it off. For example, I only complete goals to unlock the recipes, don't care much for the prizes so I never feel pressured to finish them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellob73 View Post
    I'm thinking about taking a break from the game bc it's become a chore and I've found myself sometimes making plans around cook times. That's not healthy.
    Did you ever take a long break? Did you feel better about it? When you came back, were you upset about missing out on ovens/decor?
    I have been playing Bakery Story since 2009. I took a 3 year break from Bakery Story, starting fall of 2014. At the time, I was planning a wedding and as much as I enjoyed the game and loved my neighbors, the game became an afterthought... and I found myself feeling guilty and stressed about not playing, the goals, and not visiting my neighbors. I decided to take a break and I told all of my neighbors that I understood if they deleted me, and that I didn?t know when I would be back. They were all so kind and totally understood! After the wedding then it was a new job, buying a house, and just plain ol LIFE. And BOOM 3 years passed!

    I got a new phone this past fall and reinstalled Bakery Story. To my absolute surprise and shock, there were a handful of neighbors that kept me, and they are still playing! The reunion was fun! LOL

    I do have to say, initially I was bummed because I missed out on a couple appliances that I now wish I had.... however, the shoe is on the other foot also. I have neighbors and community members that ask me ?How?d you get the Truffle Chairs?!? and ?How?d you get Santa?s Reindeer?!? So, simply by my history playing the game, I have some special items too.

    I agree with other players? sentiments. You have to listen to your heart. If your gut says ?Take a break,? it?s time to take a break. You can always come back to the Bakery!

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    Interesting. I just decided to take my long (or maybe permanent) break from BS before this Christmas. The never ending batches of goals are too exhausting for me. I still check back this forum to see what new decor/recipes I missed. I certainly miss some of the nice ones I saw, but as soon as I think about how much chore I have to put up to get them, they no longer look so desirable The decision is hard to make, after spending 4 years playing this game daily, it almost becomes a habit. But honestly, I feel much better now, and kinda think I should have taken my break sooner. My life is definitely more healthy now, as I no longer feel like a dog chained to my phone No regret at all!

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    I was playing Bakery Story, Bakery Story 2, Fashion Story, Farm Story 2 and Restaurant Story. I'm retired/disabled and have lots of spare time. But I got so overwhelmed. I took about 8 mths off from RS and could kick myself. My timing was rotten. I missed my 4 favorite holidays Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It kills me to see all those locked appliances. Also the prizes and decorations I didn't get. But they are bringing back some stuff from before I ever started playing so it's kind of a trade off. BTW, I haven't been in my fashion boutique or to my farm in 6 mths. And I quit BS2 completely and forever. I do kinda miss my farm animals LOL

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    I took a few years off. I've been back for about a year, but considering leaving again. Until then, my goal is to master all of the stoves/ovens.

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    I will add to this thread (as long as my post doesn't get deleted, because it is a decently older thread - however I would understand)

    However I wonder if I've gotten bored of my winter bakery, So far I've been off since September (or at least not been so active since September) focusing on my kappy333 bakery, which is level 50 now, I've progressed by at least 15-20 levels since I've played k333 more.

    I wonder if I had a burnout with the game, or just lost interest because after level 99, there isn't anything to get besides goal related content. I do regret taking a leave for that long, but in fact because of the leave, I think I have neighbours I wouldn't trade for anything. And that I need to prove to them that I want to still stay in there list. I guess in a way, in my own opinion, it proved who really didn't care for my activity (the ones who still kept me) or at least didn't delete me because of that.
    In a way, even though I didn't do it intentionally or for this reason, it also proved who my real neighbours were, or at least people who didn't care so much for my active-ness. And some of them are decently/very active themselves, that still kept me. So my goal for 2020, or at least after Christmas, is to prove my full 100% worth to them, still keep them, and maybe find neighbours here and there. Preferably lower levels. But I definitely wouldn't add people that deleted me - back, because they had a reason, I don't want to seemingly waste time, weather it be mine or there time. Regardless, that is 1 of the good things to come out of this:

    The 3 almost 4 month break wasn't all that worth losing neigbours for, as I did lose a decent amount, but like I said, it did prove who doesn't care about my active-ness, which I enjoy, so maybe I don't need to tip everyday, or can at least miss a day (if I happen to be busy) without being overly worried about losing neighbours

    Missing goals is what's hardest about this, but if you can overcome missing a goal here and there, then it isn't hard at all. You may regret it, I definitely do, however, I don't regret my break at all, it gave me time to think/ live my life a bit more.

    However in a way, I think breaks are what makes a player more stronger, and resilient to not leaving the game completely. Or at least for me it does.

    As before I took the break, it felt more like a chore than anything. And I did want to completely quit. Which if things that aren't a chore start to feel like one, then it becomes boring/you start to burnout.

    Longest break I've taken - is this break, which for the most part has been 3-4 months.

    However with the loss of neighbours, I now have under at least 70 or 60 now, and 20 of them are decoy bakery's that I rely on for parts/requests, that I've started over the years, do to constantly needing a new phone, because mine don't seem to last long. Lol, aside from that - however maybe this'll be more refreshing & easier for me, with the loss of neighbours, maybe it was a good thing in disguise, for both myself and the older neighbour involved.

    I definitely feel better and ready to play again, however I will take my time or at least not instantly throw myself back in, and if you do, well the burnout may happen again. Which will just become hard. Take your time to get back into the game, don't worry about losing neighbours, if you do happen to lose any though, you'll find better ones to take the place of the empty spot, If you do take on any neighbours, I definitely recommend trying to find laid back ones. And the ones who are laid back usually have a message stating so/something along the lines of it.

    Because if you find people who want active neighbours, or 3-4 star rating people in there list, then you will feel complied to be that rating, and that also can cause burnout. Especially if you try to push yourself into it.

    Which isn't your fault or there's, because some people like 3-4 rating players, and know there are people out there who are just that, so they request/prefer it.

    My tip to not cause burnout or at least avoid it to a certain extent :

    knowing your overall limits before you add someone all together.

    It isn't there fault, but if you try to overdo stuff like I did (or tried), you have the idea of "oh, well I need to be perfect or a very good neighbour" which can cause yourself burnout and make it feel like a chore, when in reality, it shouldn't be. So do know what your limits are, and if you can really be of help (in your own way) without making adjustments to be/act a certain way to please other players but yourself.
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    I've had neighbors who took extended breaks. I do delete them because if I don't delete them I'll end up sending gift requests to people who aren't there, but I always take back good neighbors when they return.

    The only thing I ask from my neighbors is that they check in daily to accept their gift requests. Other than that, they needn't do anything to be "good" neighbors.

    But I don't care about tipping and all that jazz.

    You need to find neighbors who play the way you do. Everyone does - from the people who read everyone's wall to see what gift to send and tip all neighbors every the people who just gift and accept requests the people who just play.

    Get neighbors whose style matches yours and the pressure disappears.

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    I took a break , it didn’t start as a break, I had less and less time I could play, I was going to school full time and working full time. Now I’m done with school and I’m back. I’m very sad I missed things that are locked �� also sad my neighbors seemed to have stopped playing too and now I have no one to send me parts , so I’m still missing out on things because I can’t get the appliances.

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