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Thread: Winter festival spell shop items are gone

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    Winter festival spell shop items are gone

    I went to look at spell shop after your 10:30 pst update and all crafting things for current tales are gone. The brambles things, like pink imp token are there instead. On my small island i need craft tiny town to get more chapter prizes before it ends and I can't.

    On my big island i'm doing last battles and hope it all registers that i get jingle dragon so i can get token ...and the token for glasswing comes back.

    Please update the spell shop....quick!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    Hi, Caretakers! We apologize for the issues during the event and will investigate how these slipped through so we can prevent them going forward. We're working with our support team to make this right for those affected. Please allow support additional time to individually review your requests.

    P.S. Please include choice for the Champ's Coin in your request.
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    Same issue here...there's 12 hours left and I can't craft any of the current Tales items...had to spend 25 gold to skip Tiny Town crafting goal.

    You should seriously add an additional 24 hours for this event due to this bug!!!!

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    I am having the same issue with spell shop items missing. The items from the previous story tales are there instead. Please fix!

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    Same with me! I was going to craft the santa's sleigh and puff...nothing! What's going on?? Fix this bug!

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    Another one here, on act 4 of 5 chapter 10 with 11 and a half hours to go, and I can not craft Santa's sleigh!

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    Same problem here! I cant finish the event!! The spell shop dont have the correct items

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    I have the same problem. Went out for a few hours while waiting for Yule dragon to come back with last item and now everything is gone in the spell shop!!! I have 3 accounts and it's the same on all three. Please help. I'm so close....

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    Same I was trying to finish these tales I feel a bit *****ed out of any chance of winning the prize... please help!!

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    I spent gold to catch up to where I could finish the event on time and now I'm stuck, because I can't craft the sleigh or complete the battles needed.

    Very disappointed as I was so close to completing this round.

    Edit: I also noticed I seem to have lost a number of my Wish Lists to crafting my Old Claws dragon too! I was going to be able to craft him once this tales was done as the rewards would tip me over, but now I'll miss out on that as well as I can't get the reward wish lists and the total I had has dropped.
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    Same here. I was about to craft my sleigh and it doesn’t exist anymore in the craft area. You should space out your events instead of pilling them on top of each other.

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