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Thread: Bright Beginnings Issues

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    Bright Beginnings Issues

    Hey I just collected food and didn?t get any clocks for harvesting

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    Hi, everyone! The World Event was extended on 12/29 by a few hours to accommodate for the time period in which Times were not dropping from in-game actions. You may not have noticed the extension because the event still ends on the same day as we were able to catch, identify, and resolve the issue within a few hours. Actions completed in the game before the resolution cannot be retroactively added. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.
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    Me too

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    World event:Bright Beginnings

    Hi,the counter messed up with the event other than battles!I've collected 20 hours crops from two farms and those did not count!
    Please @kooky and @elsa can you look into this?

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    Same here. And nothing for hatching a dragon either

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    Quote Originally Posted by djeyefly View Post
    Hey I just collected food and didn?t get any clocks for harvesting
    Same here, food nothing, 22hr Wizard bred nothing & Snow Lady hatched nothing! Battle gave me 3 times. Can we get this fixed please & times restored to us

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    Is anyone getting any points.. i haven't received any points for harvesting or breeding

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    I didn't get anything either.

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    Same here

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    Same here! I have collected 20 hours planting and hatched a coral egg and I am on ZERO points!

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    I have nothing also, what happened?

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