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Thread: Farm Story 2: Current Bugs and Issues (Thread 2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by orca1006 View Post
    I’m going to try reporting here to see if S8 Team will finally see it now:

    dear team, I’m not sure if this is by design, but the third set of expansion papers (and possibly even the second set of papers) are somehow invisible in the shops and newspaper. can someone please look into this, please? thank you very much.
    Sorry for the late reply. This is by design.

    Quote Originally Posted by AudySpain View Post
    A little sad - I would love to buy the red kite bird that?s on sale but it?s only on sale for another 16 hours. When I try to buy it tells me my limit is reached, but I do not own it or have it anywhere in storage.

    Please help!
    Make sure that you have a spot to put the pet on your board in the Bird Tree or Rescue Pen. Only 3 pets can live in each habitat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul__ View Post
    Sorry for the late reply. This is by design.
    yeah i saw that the 3rd set/blue papers are invisible by design now......but the 2nd set, too?!?!?!

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