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Thread: Dragon: Winter Festival **NEW POLL ADDED**

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    Mar 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by ParksideParadise View Post
    Please can the crafting items be restored with extra time. I have just spent gold to speed up quests to get parts for stockings and now I can’t craft them.
    Same here. Noelmuseless at battles so used Gold only to find stockings have disappeared. Please restore them and add time to make up for our inability to proceed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Well I just tried and received 3 points for the new event by winning a battle. Spell Shop still not correct.
    The only way I received points was by battle. I harvested one more farm, still nothing.

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    Same here!!
    And i cant do the Santa?s Sleigh because i dont have it in my spell shop!! What happens here????? Im only have 12 hrs to finish my event an i cant do it because storm 8 its on vacation??

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    Same problem here, socks and santa sleigh are not in the spell shop anymore.
    It will be difficult to finish the tales!!!

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    Storm 8 what is going on?? I am on act 4 of 5 chapter 10, have 11 hours and 30 minutes left, I am supposed to craft the santa sleigh, and it is not in the craft shop!!??

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    Looks like im not going to be able to finish the Winter festival. Filed my ticket with Storm and got told they are closed until Jan 2nd.

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    Looks like nobody's here...not even KOOKY PANDA or Elsa to help...

    If theyre all gone til Jan 2, my dilemma is do I hatch jingle so its done within the time given for the goal? But will probably not get the token since its not defined in spell shop. Or do I leave her in nest, past the 3 days, showing i earned her and if they fix it i get the token when she hatches? Even tho its late hatch??

    And world even of 7 days and you cant collect points for at least 3 of them? Maybe 4? If they fix it Tues? Oh my oh my oh my!!!

    I think they should stop beginning any event on Fridays when they're not anywhere to fix them any time soon. Like the breeding fiasco not so long ago breed purple with blue oh but you need the special element too for first 4 days. When will they learn?

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    Dec 2017
    Im stuck at crafting my last stocking needed of day 9. Everything else is ready for me to advance and be able to finish in time. But even if I spent 40 gold to continue on im still gonna miss one stocking and am unable to craft the sleigh unless im willing to spent even more gold.
    They better reimburse us when they get back. These glitches are getting old

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    Is there anyone who doesn't have the issue with crafting and unable to finish tales?

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    My spell shop has the wrong Tales crafting items too! I really hope there's still someone around at S8 who can fix this ASAP... otherwise there will be a lot of unhappy players (not that that's seemed to bother them much in the past)!

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