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Thread: Goals/New Drinks/Decoarting Items for Nightclub Story PLZ!

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    Goals/New Drinks/Decoarting Items for Nightclub Story PLZ!

    If Bakery Story or Restaurant Story are getting permanent new Dishes to master, or new Decorating Items, or Goals. We can't you not to this for Nightclubstory?!

    It such a nice and relaxing game i like it a lot they only reason i left was because they were no new drinks coming out and no new decoarting items or Goals at all.
    And it also a lot of work to vish neighbours if you play more then one game. I don't like feeling pressured to visit at all..but Nightclubstory is a nice game. I don?t want goals with such a short amount of time like only 14 Days for Nightclubsstory.
    But if you can bring out new receipes/Decoarting items, and goals for Bakery Story/Restaurant Story/Restauant Story 2 Bakery Story 2. Why can?t you do that for Nightclub story?
    And i am sure not the only one who wants this.

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