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Thread: ATTN: past holiday recipes are back (dec 2017)

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    Greedy.....greedy......GREEDY! I'm done after this �� They give us **** goals,refurbished item's and they can't manage to let us master and keep these recipes 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸. Seriously!
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    They're limited (expire after Christmas), so better start soon to mastering those. I think they are really cute, especially the Gingerbread Cake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulinabracho View Post
    I think tthey won't be removed
    All recipes that are necessary to complete the side goal are regular recipes on white oven so...

    Let's hope so! ^_^
    They get removed on Boxing Day.

    They forgot about mince pies. I guess storm8 employees don't like them like most people in the world.

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