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Thread: Blueberry Bush, Sugar Spinner & Limited Time Quest - 2017 Dec 8 (POLL ADDED)

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Sep 2017
    I wish all event were like this where you have to “give” the items and they don’t have to stay stored in our barn but you’re also able to sell the items. I know this is different because these are permenant items but I wish the same was done with other events.

    This has been so easy even with all the deliveries I had to make (don’t like those much). Those always held me back but I’ve been crafting items to help others while I wait so it’s okay. Ten more deliveries to go but I might just take a break from them since I have time haha I might use a couple more bronze bells to help others

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    Executive Chef
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    Nov 2013
    Well, I managed to finish all the goals, both for the Sugar Glider and the outside ones. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I thought the last goals (the Cotton Candy Flower, the Cotton Candy Cake, etc.) said "give", not "get". Oh, well. Still managed to get it all done. Now I can go back to normal game play for a while.

    At least until the next event...

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    Fashion Designer
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    Jun 2015
    With the helps of my neighbors I finally win the sugar glider... Thank you I love you... Now I got headache and need some sleep... Good day everyone...

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    Farm Supplier
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    Sep 2017
    Thank you Ronsbarn for posting the steps, my level is close to yours so was able to collect items in preparation,
    I have just received my sugar glider, but will still be crafting sugar etc and loading in my market if anyone needs it over the next few days

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    Level 49 Android
    Part 11 of 11:

    Give 3 Grape Cotton Candy
    Give 5 Maple Creams
    Give 7 BLT Sandwiches
    Send 50 deliveries

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    Rhino Keeper
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    May 2016
    Absolutely loved this event. I could not start on time. Actually was few days late... but managed to get my pet. Very cute... so thankful to S8 for an event for us once a day farmers. Wishing the next one is similar in terms of ability to finish. It definitely makes the game fun.

    Just a question....are all the crafts for the windmill going to stay? If so we need at least two to three more windmills! Otherwise the new machine is a waste. Like I said I just play approximately couple of times a day. With all slots open, in the windmill I barely could make enough sugars and flour. If those are not made, half the other machines are useless. Kinda at a loss here
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    Fashion Designer
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    Jan 2013
    Took 5 days for me to get done day 5, wish I had read forum earlier I’d have been making items ahead to give

    Lack of wheat to make cow feed, little time to be on hindered progress

    Highly doubt I’ll finish now

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    I can?t find anywhere on the game itself when it finishes. Just checked here and find it is the 18th. No chance of completing either game. Very disappointing

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    I just finished the event and won the sugar glider . This was a fun event and gave me much entertainment so thank you to Storm 8 designers . Merry Christmas �� xxx

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    New Resident
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    Mar 2016
    I finished my goals this morning and received my sugar glider. I also wanted to thank S8 for the fun but challenging quest. Getting 30, 40, and 50 deliveries took much thought and planning. Way to go S8!

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