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Thread: Ember event problem

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    Ember event problem

    In my other kingdom I lost all progress towards the goals ?forge crown fragment I-III when I completed the final collection of fragment II and upgraded the throne from Lvl 4 to Lvl 5. The goals reset to 0/4, and I now have to remake the fragments to progress. I would not mind this if I could be certain the fragments I am now making will count for the next goal, but I have not been making fragments in advance as this is not certain and I do not have the resources. Kingdom ID is neska47

    Thanks for looking in to this

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    Please submit a request to so a support agent can look at your account.
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    Me too

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    Transberry, please also submit a ticket to Support to help sort out your missing fragments before the weekend.

    I just read your new post in the thread you started and it looks like you need to get your game checked, so I'd encourage you to contact Support. Rollbacks mainly happen when your wifi connection isn't strong enough. Try being nearer your modem and turn wifi off other devices when not needed to give your device a boost. That helps me a lot when rollbacks start to happen. Restart your device too. Do you visit stormie or a neighbour before leaving the game? Might be worth a try to force the game to sync with the server.

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