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Thread: TOURNAMENT: Turquoise Pony - 2017 Dec 5

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    I used to finish every tournament, every time with time to spare. Haven't been able to finish the last 5 tourneys or so. It seems like we even had extra time for this tourney, and I'm still not going to finish. I've almost quit this game a few times this week, not just because of the tourneys, but for a lot of other reasons that are making the game not fun anymore. This is just one example, but with gifting...I really wish they would not take away our chance to gift someone else when a neighbor is maxed out. It is so frustrating and it's little things like that make me feel like they are nickel & diming us. Anyway, I know this is going off topic so I'll stop!
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    Totally agree I think it’s about time s8 started listening to their players , I actually for the first time finished the tournament, put the egg on the nest straight away , and the presents for it expired b4 it hatched , it’s [] , I too really enjoy the game , but I head I g the same way as you
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