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Thread: Restaurant Story: December 2017

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    Hi my ID is annapooh34 and I visit and gift daily. If you put on my wall of you prefer parts or food I send it out in different sections. If you tell me what specifically you want I also make every effort to send you what you need either that day or the next if I have already sent them out or if your gifts are maxed for the day. I log in multiple times a day and always accept help requests for parts when I get them.

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    New Resident
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    Dec 2017
    My add: Wombat93

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    New Resident
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    Dec 2017

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    Please add: Spunkmuffin

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    Hi everyone

    I'm a Level 99-Player and I'm looking for new and active Players. You're my perfect neighbor if you:

    - Gift daily (Goal parts or Food)
    - Response requests

    Tipping is welcome but not necessary. Same goes for me

    I'm looking Forward to your invitations - ID: Pinki998
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    I'm lv99 active player always looking for active players with 3 to 4 stars
    I'm a silent tip and gifter and only write on walls when full always happy to help with quest parts
    My I'd is sallyrobinson

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    Ones can add me. My game ID is ---- srgermany1968.
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