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Thread: Restaurant Story: December 2017

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    Restaurant Story: December 2017

    Looking for Active Neighbors?

    Please post your ID here. Only one post per ID please
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    My ID is StrangeCloak. I tip and gift daily, and would love to have new neighbors! Lvl 46 and 4 stars

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    My sister and I are in need of neighbors who can send parts and requests for Easy Oven, Easy Stove, and Easy Grill. We are NOT doing current events because of the situation we in. MY ID is ClubhouseCity Level 78 (6 appliances) and my sister ID is dlocu
    Level 48 (9 appliances) . Her customers can't have enough food (Forever Oven) and beverage (Drink Machine) to dine in her restaurant. Daily players but plays 7 games. Please help.

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    Please add me at TalulahJuniper!

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    Brand new and need some friends!!! AnimeGamerGirl27

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    New Resident
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    Nov 2017
    Add me: Maritzk11

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    Hi, my id is natalylazarova
    Please be my neighbor!

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    I have 2 Id pls add me all i need a neighbor for sent part and expand
    My first Id : supakorn159
    My second Id : A2az
    So i very welcome all of you to be my neighbor!!

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