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Thread: EVENT: Seasonal Sounds - 2017 Nov 28 (POLL ADDED)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MystiqueRealm View Post
    That sounds so nice congrats on Glitzen.. hope u have more tea I'm coming over
    Thank You, and come on over plenty of tea!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiel0918 View Post
    World Events have became the WORST things in this game. They are not fun anymore, they are not possible. It is more like: Looka at all the animals you can never have!
    They have completely destroyed those used to be fun events.
    With a lot of time and effort, I used to be able to finish the WE. Sometimes I spent some real money because the goal was obtainable. Now a lot of time and effort gets me decorations (not even one animal) which are useless because real estate is so out of reach. I can't win WE anymore, tournaments, LB, or even anything useful on the why am I playing?
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    yea I spent 300 speed breeding trying for candy mane. no luck. no Yule MULE. what a joke. so one would think this would have at least been enough to perhaps get to the community prize?? LMBO not even close. storm8 and their greed is just beyond. it just make a me spend less NOT more. I too hate world events and next time am not even opening up the icon.

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    I stopped participating in WE when they made it ridiculously hard to complete. I don't think the 2000 for community is fair. I used love WE, can't be asked anymore.

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    I agree with many of the comments from other players. I started playing FFS when it first started and the World Events, Battlegrounds, Tournaments and breeding for new animals used to be easier to achieve. It is very discouraging to have new animals with new elements and not have a chance to win them without spending a ton of gems. I have certainly spent some money on this game but I think it’s a bit unfair to make the target points needed to win the new animals way too high. Please really think about lowering the target points a bit so everyone has more of a chance to win. What is the purpose of designing new animals or elements if only a few are willing to spend the large amount of gems to win? Anyway that’s my two cents worth!! Good luck to all with the new animals, hopefully some manage to display them on their islands.

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    Wanted to finish early just in case, 15h hatch time

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just to add my own rant to the above, I can not get through a WE in seven days. Everything going 24/7 and I got the FaLaLaLamb last night. With less than 11 hours to go, I am over 300 points short of the community prizes.

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    I agree with all the comments above too. This game use to be fun. Trying and enjoying the game I could get to the final price. Now with 4 nest full throughout the WE and my evolution flower full all the time and harvesting throughout WE I've just managed to get to the community prize and might make it to 2400 points but nowhere near getting the Glitzen. Now in WE getting the final price means spending money, buying gems. As a player if your willing to put money into a virtual game it's fine. I buy gems but I have a limit of how much I'm willing to spend in this game per month and S8 is expecting more and more from me each month which I'm not willing to do.

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    I love the final WE price, the Glitzen but in full form it looks just like my Pearl Peryton with colour and slight changes. So I'm not going to feel too bad about not being able to win the Glitzen ☺

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    I?m still almost 400 from 2000, again why do they do this ? There should be other ways of collecting , it?s a great game , but some people can?t have phones etc at work and you do have to sleep , I just wish collections were more realistic storm8
    Otherwise thankyou for a great game

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