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    41 74.55%
  • I had to use gold to finish in Time

    9 16.36%
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  • Snow Craft

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  • Snowy Field

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  • Snow Flurry

    5 9.09%
  • Flurry Dragon

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  • Whiteout Dragon

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  • Snow Sculpture

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  • Fireapples

    21 38.18%
  • Adventure Tickets

    29 52.73%
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Thread: First Flurry! - World Event **NEW POLL ADDED**

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    72% Did not like the even and 66% could not finish....Yet Storm8 keeps doing the same thing over and over. That is the definition of insanity.
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    The only reason why i was able to get the final prize was due to the 1x breeding boost and 3-4 hatching boosts trying to breed Wishlist, which was IMPOSSIBLE for the first few days because of the coding error on STORM8'S part. If it wasn't for the boosts and GOLD that was used speed breeding, it would have been virtually IMPOSSIBLE to complete.

    As of today, I STILL haven't received my gold, even though I sent 3 emails as well as a private message to one of the moderators, with NO RESPONSE. How is it fair for SOME players to be reimbursed, but not ALL? I wonder if it was STORM8/TEAM OR THE moderators that went thru this, would they just let it slide, knowing it was their hard earned money, time and effort that they put forward,(I doubt it). It only left us feeling like we're NOTHING, and the way we feel doesn't matter to them. How hard is it to check players games to see just how much gold they used on a dragon that WASNT even breedable until DAYS later, BEFORE they corrected THEIR error. It's SAD.. REALLY SAD, and I'm BEYOND PISSED, about this ENTIRE EVENT.


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    I am an old long time player
    I have four nests
    Two evolution chambers
    And I usually activate the extra breeding roost when needed.
    I am elderly and retired so can spend a lot of time on events.
    Playing BINGO gives boosts which really really really help in some events.
    I grow diamondates beings they give more food and am not there to necessarily harvest the crop at the exact moment.
    Again boosts from bingo made the difference in this event.
    Yes last weekend I used a bunch of breeding boosts trying for Wishlist...
    I also am now able to craft mrs Claus from all the presents I received and I also got snowflakes from that breeding and hatching which got me to the end.
    As soon as storm 8 became aware there was a problem they fixed it and yes a lot of players got gold back and I am positive they did not get the presents or snowflakes they received last weekend removed from their totals.
    I got Wishlist after the glitch was fixed and no I did not evolve it to level 10
    As you can see I finished the event with over a day left.
    So actually in that days time I made more then 250 snowflakes above the 4600 total to finish.
    I would of finished the event if I had not bred a Wishlist.
    I have missed out on some events and not bred the needed animal and have not even sometimes got the community prizes.
    It is what it is I was likely busy and didn't have time and didn't use bingo boosts.
    But everyone is so angry like they admitted there was an error.
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    I can't find these poll things I keep hearing about where are they. Suffice it to see there's not been a worse event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FieldsLikeB View Post
    I can't find these poll things I keep hearing about where are they. Suffice it to see there's not been a worse event.
    If you are on mobile, you have to change over to "full site" to participate in the poll. Then you can go back to "default mobile style."

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