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Thread: Thanksgiving Goal - 23 Nov 17

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayjco View Post
    When I had all the pics, I copied them from other posts. I'd hit the quote thing, like when you reply and then I'd copy the whole mess to the first post. But after I copied it in, I'd erase the

    [QUOTE ] thing from the beginning.

    At the end, I'd erase the [/QUOTE ] thing.

    That left just the pics. I don't know how others do it. I couldn't ever figure out how to post a pic.
    Yeah, when I "reply with quote" I can copy and paste the links up to 50 pics into 1 post. (that's the limit for images - I only knew when I did the previous Leaf goal) BUT if I were to attach the pics from my own desktop, it only allowed 5. Makes no sense ???
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    Thank you S8 for unlocking the Turkey Cooker! I'm excited to have these recipes in my restaurants!
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    Loved the Turkey cooker. Thanks for bringing back an old appliances for new players!

    Level 99 3 star player. Play goals and gift parts during goal time. Can't tip/gift everyday otherwise but will do as much as I can. Feel free to add me.

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    I am so annoyed with myself ... when I seen the turkey cooker re release I didn?t think there would be new recipes on it so I skipped the goal...I am only now realising that there were three new recipes to unlock 😭😭

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