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Thread: Closed bakery glitch

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    Exclamation Closed bakery glitch

    I have bakery story (the same account) on an Apple IPad and on a Samsung Galaxy phone. When I put a plant in front of my door to close my bakery on my IPad, the bakery on my phone showed it was closed but was still using food and earning money. I wouldn't mind this problem, but I am running out of food, so I have to have the doors closed. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it was the same result. Is there any way I can fix it?

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    I am sorry but blocking the door is not part of the design of the game.
    The game will usually quick-sell all of your inventory if you block the door to your store. When you block the door, you may not see the customers coming in, but the system will still recognize them walking in and buying your items. When you open your door again, the consumption that took place while your door was blocked catches up, which is why it looks like you instantly lost all of your items.

    If you want to avoid the quick-sell, don't block your door.
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