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Thread: Farm Story 2: Suggestion Thread

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    Can we please have a Spin-To-Win for Easter 2019? Would be so cool if we could!

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    I fervently wish that the pigs would come up much faster. Now that I have over 100 pets, half in storage, I never have enough pet food, and since everyone else is acquiring pets they aren't selling bacon as often, you have to really scrounge for bacon in the newspaper. I'm always out of pet food, since the pets come up every 5 hours, I need 50 bacons every 5 hours and I only have 12 pigs that come up every 3 hours. Another food mill would be helpful, too..

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    I have over 30 gold cowbells. I would love to trade them for rubies, white mushrooms, and/or paint!

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    I think we should be able to buy more then 2 or 3 pet houses. What's the point of trying to do the events if my pets are just going to sit in my storage. I am on android and cannot change out pets. I wouldnt want to. If i am trying to win them i want them on my farm.

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    I do love this game tho
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    Maybe for next spring (May, perhaps) we can have the "Great Spring Cleaning" event, the purpose of which might be the redistribution of some recipes that seem out-of-place or assigned to the wrong buildings (if only because they are an unusual exception to the recipes already crafted in that building.

    What I mean is...
    - the Lasagna is the only savory recipe in the Bakery. It might work better if it is sent over to the Kitchen. The Rice Cracker also seems more appropriate to the Sushi Shop.
    - the Farmer's Outpost seems more like a place that collected produce and goods might be crafted. That said, perhaps the Sun Protection Lotion, Udderly Smooth Cream, Feathered Mask, and Fabric Bag might work better elsewhere (the Feathered Mask, for example, at the Studio, where other non-edible goods are crafted).
    - the Cornbread and the Grape Tart might be moved over from the Kitchen to the Bakery, and the Hiking Pack might go over to the Farmer's Outpost (might). Peaches and Cream seems a little out-of-place, so maybe it could go to the Cafe or to the Dairy...

    There are other recipes that could be shifted, but maybe other adjustments can be made for those to make them fit better with where they are. I would also have suggested that the Green Smoothie could move out of Specialty Goods to the Cafe with all the other drinks, but because the Specialty Goods is intended to provide gluten-free alternatives, the Soy Milk alternative to regular Milk makes it a good fit there.

    In addition, some of the other recipes might be added to a new crafting building whose focus is more on health- and beauty-themed products...maybe call it the Spa. The Cow Wash, Bath Ball, Almond Face Mask, Sun Protection Lotion, and Udderly Smooth Cream might be transferred to that building, and a few new recipes added.

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    I agree with using gold and silver bells to get items that are always useful rather than just accumulating them. We also need more pet habitats and another silo for sale. Night farming sounds awesome! Would love to see planes take off at night. Would also like more plots to plant crops and switch everyone to the same kind of expansion things because why have different for different levels. And if you’re going to have that kind of programming then apply that to other parts of the game like train items.

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    How about stop giving animal rewards for the wildlife dens if you’re not going to let us buy more habitats?

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    Please offer more plots, for gems or money because some players love planting. Maybe watermelon or raspberrys??? I'm at level 66 and need more plots...thxs😊

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