I?ve spent about $4,000 on this game; averaging two levels per day (to level 43) & two days per level (to level 64); thus, I think my opinion carries some weight. I quit the game at Level 72 for six months due to over 18 months of poor events & rewards; it was BORING

? STOP treating this game like it?s free, put some effort into upgrading & improving it
? Link plot availability to Level achieved
? Remove maximum capacity of silo, barn & ?craft? items
? Increase Feed Mills
? increase: donkeys, llamas & goats
? Open plots on 2nd level around Balloon Dock
? Improve Piper?s Treehouse prizes: they are very old & recycled & make darts easier to accumulate
? Decrease grid size on 4x4 grids are too large & 3x3 grids can be reduced to 2x2
? Remove position lock on: pond, bait shack, store, newsstand and special events
? Correct problems:
- all animal pens should have water, gates & should not look like they are falling apart
- animal heads should not pass through pens
- the Aussie aka: Australian Shepherd breed standard requires a docked tail, cut it off & add skins for other breed standard Tris & Merles
- DO NOT put event parts in the mine!