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Thread: Farm Story 2: Suggestion Thread

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    Farm Story 2: Suggestion Thread

    What new items would you like to see come to your farm?
    Please post your suggestions here.

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    Improve quality, especially if $ is spent!

    I?ve spent about $4,000 on this game; averaging two levels per day (to level 43) & two days per level (to level 64); thus, I think my opinion carries some weight. I quit the game at Level 72 for six months due to over 18 months of poor events & rewards; it was BORING

    ? STOP treating this game like it?s free, put some effort into upgrading & improving it
    ? Link plot availability to Level achieved
    ? Remove maximum capacity of silo, barn & ?craft? items
    ? Increase Feed Mills
    ? increase: donkeys, llamas & goats
    ? Open plots on 2nd level around Balloon Dock
    ? Improve Piper?s Treehouse prizes: they are very old & recycled & make darts easier to accumulate
    ? Decrease grid size on 4x4 grids are too large & 3x3 grids can be reduced to 2x2
    ? Remove position lock on: pond, bait shack, store, newsstand and special events
    ? Correct problems:
    - all animal pens should have water, gates & should not look like they are falling apart
    - animal heads should not pass through pens
    - the Aussie aka: Australian Shepherd breed standard requires a docked tail, cut it off & add skins for other breed standard Tris & Merles
    - DO NOT put event parts in the mine!

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    I would love to see snow and Christmas come back to the farm! It was my absolute favourite update and I keep hoping to see it every year since. I kept the app, but things like the delivery truck, unicorn and love bird don’t show up. I still play it for fun sometimes anyway

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    I'm not sure if it's doable or reasonable, but perhaps a section of the land could be set aside--like the County Fairgrounds and the Farmer's Market are--and be reserved for "seasonal" events, with special buildings that appear during certain events that players can use to craft special items for the events. We might perhaps be required to buy and build the buildings, but be using "borrowed" land to place them...and if a player decides he or she doesn't want to participate in the event, the player can opt out by simply not crafting the building. And for those events where items drop everywhere on the farm, there could be an additional storage building on that land into which all the dropped items could go, allowing non-participating players to not have their barns filled to overflowing (though they would eventually need to sell and/or discard items from that other building too, as there would be space restrictions unless the player opts to upgrade its capacity).

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    How about allowing trading silver cow bells for gold and/or bronz ones? There is basically almost nothing you can do with silver cow bells.

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    How about having another event so we can get the beaver? I see a lot of players that have the dam but no beaver!

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    How about letting the gold and silver bells be used for the lower bell flags ... both gold and silver have one use and once ypu have those they become useless ... let us use them for myltiple flags or ?buy? the lower bells

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    Make the cafe available in android.

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    Can we also get a second Bakery and Kitchen. THere are a lot of items on them now too!
    Feel free to add me on any of these games! I play daily!

    Farm Story 2
    Restaurant Story 2
    Dragon Story
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    I would really REALLY like to see a night mode on the farm.

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