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Thread: Farm Story 2: Suggestion Thread

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    Just realised this too.
    I'd also love the leaderbord events for Android as they also don't happen.

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    I’d love more habitats particularly the rescue pen. I’d love more llamas. I’d love to have items in all storage areas to be organizable for easy finding. I’d love to have the option to opt out of events when I get event fatigue. I’d love to be able to turn off the pop up telling who’s visited my farm lately. I’d love the option to be able to buy with money saws, picks, etc, without having to visit neighbors or the newspaper stand.

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    With all the exotic pets now available, please make them storable. Also let us start selling (and also buy) exotic pet feed.

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    Hi, just wanted to understand what the system of allocation to the leaderboard group is. At lvl 57 I am always group with players who are lvl 100 & 90. Really disincentives me to play the leadership event and spend diamonds.

    Additionally, the two times that I have been put in tough leaderboards I have spent diamonds to get the gold. When the clock hit 00:00, I was first, but was pushed back to 2nd/3rd after a few hours! Some glitches that need to be looked into.

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