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Thread: TOURNAMENT: Harvest Loon - 2017 Nov 21

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    Quote Originally Posted by miadoubled View Post
    Rainbow and autumn
    Thank you so much

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    Thank you very much. I like this form

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    Quote Originally Posted by miadoubled View Post
    I've been stuck on onyx direwolf for.over a steed isnt taking it out, any others use a different? I've tried a few diff elements..notjing yet
    I have been stuck on this one for 2 days. All strong hits but no critical hit. I even used one weak hit to see if it would didn't work. I have tried Felion, Airy Otter, Kimona Dragon, Firewolf, Amethyst Pony, and several others 3X's each. I've tried fire, dark, and magic. This is ridiculous!

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    Any advice on Owl Bear? I have no Birthstones and used several Fire animals but no critical hits yet

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    What breeding co bination did anyone use for round 25 pysena. I have been trying since yesterday to get past this one. Is anyone able to help me?

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    First time ever i actually beat a tournament!

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    was stuck on Spinel Ravenstag all day and finally got him with Lost Crow Dark 2x
    I only play Fantasy Forest and always looking for good nbrs who can visit fairly regularly. StormID: CuddlePuddlev2

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    28 gems lather but it's finally mine. Don't asked my how but I barely made it on time. In case I don't get the Fairy King this will be placed in my fairy habitat. My 4th fairy creature. Good luck for those who are still trying for.
    I'm only playing FFS.
    My forest name = Dragon Pool.

    Crystal Unicorn @03-2017
    2nd; Sapphire Sphinx @05-17
    3th; Garnet Griffin @08-17
    4th; Pearl Peryton @10-17
    5th; Emerald Dragon @05-18
    6th; Spinel Ravenstag @06-18
    7th; Ruby Razorback @09-18
    8th; Jasper Dragon @03-19
    9th; Obsidian Cyclops @03-19
    10th; Sapphire Cthulhu @06-19
    11th; Valkyrie @08-19
    12th; Topaz Tiger @10-19
    13th; Granite Golem @12-19
    14th; Onyx Direwolf @01-20
    15th; Peridot Phoenix @02-20

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