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Thread: RESTAURANT Update 24 Nov 2017

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    Lightbulb RESTAURANT Update 24 Nov 2017

    Black Friday Sale
    Spoiler: show

    Part IV : 1 DAY Cyber Monday
    (MON, Nov 27, 2017 - TUE, Nov 28, 2017 10:30 AM PST (06:30 PM GMT)
    All Crates, regular and removed, 50% off
    (except Holiday Box (2010), Spring Basket & Valentine Box (2011) -
    not returned to the market for this Sale)
    - Holiday Gift = Holiday Gift Box (2011)
    - Valentine Chest = Valentine Box (2012)
    Spoiler: show

    Part III : 1 DAY iOS only!
    (SUN, Nov 26, 2017 - MON, Nov 27, 2017 10:30 AM PST (06:30 PM GMT)
    New Orleans Bundle 75 gems (from level 12?)
    Easter Bundle 75 gems (from level 12?)
    Blossom Bundle 75 gems (from level 12?)
    Classic Bundle 80 gems (from level 12?)
    Pictures & Details:
    Spoiler: show
    Quote Originally Posted by eeveldoll View Post
    1) New Orleans Bundle (Exclusive) - 75 gems
    a) Beads x4 (wall decor)
    b) Lamp Signpost x1 (floor decor)
    c) Riverboat x1 (floor decor)
    d) Wrought Iron Table x4 (table)
    e) Gas Lamp x2 (wall decor)
    f) New Orleans Door x1 (wall)
    g) Wrought Iron Chair x8 (chair)
    h) Bourbon Street x10 (wallpaper)
    i) Jazz Band x1 (floor decor)
    j) Mardi Gras Parade (floor decor)

    2) Easter Bundle - 75 gems
    a) Bunny Clock x2 (wall decor)
    b) Spring Chick x1 (floor decor)
    c) Egg Stove x1 (appliance)
    d) Pink Bunny Waiter x1 (floor decor)
    f) Basket of Eggs x2 (floor decor)
    g) Egg Table x4 (tables)
    h) Egg Painting x1 (floor decor)
    i) Egg Chair x4 (chair)
    j) Bunny Waiter x1 (floor decor)

    3) Blossom Bundle - 75 gems
    a) Blossom Chair x4 (chair)
    b) Spring Picnic x1 (floor decor)
    c) Blossom Table x4 (table)
    d) Blossom Grove x1 (floor decor)
    e) Blossom Counter x3 (counter)
    f) Fruit Bar x2 (appliance)

    4) Classic Bundle - 80 gems
    a) Ticket Station x1 (floor decor)
    b) Industrial Fridge x2 (flood decor)
    c) Bistro Table x4 (tables)
    d) Dishwasher x1 (floor decor)
    e) Modern Bistro Chair x8 (chair)
    f) Elegant x10 (floor tiles)
    g) Ivy x5 (wallpaper)
    h) Classic Chef x1 (floor decor)
    i) Culinary Artist x1 (floor decor)
    j) Granite Counter x4 (counter)

    Part II : 1 DAY
    (SAT, Nov 25, 2017 - SUN, Nov 26, 2017 10:30 AM PST (06:30 PM GMT)
    Autumn Door (functional wall decor) $10'000 (from level 12)
    Food Display (floor decor 1x3) 28 gems (from level 1)
    Cider Bar (floor decor 4x4) 19 gems (-"-)
    Lava Girl (floor decor 1x1) $10'000 (from level 2)
    Snowy Holiday Tree (floor decor 2x2) $11'000 (from level 6)
    Mistletoe Kiss (floor decor 2x2) 7 gems (-"-)
    Snowman Chef (buildable floor decor 1x1) $2'500 (-"-)
    Jazz Band (floor decor 4x4) 20 gems (-"-)
    Trick or Treaters (floor decor 4x4) $15'000 (from level 12)
    Reindeer Grove (floor decor 4x4) $50'000 (-"-)
    Holiday Choir (floor decor 3x3) 48 gems (-"-)
    Sarcophagus Statue (floor decor 1x1) $7'000 (-"-)
    Well of Spirits (floor decor 1x1) $5'000 (-"-)
    Haunted Clock Tower (floor decor 3x3) 15 gems (from level 16)
    Cookin' Mama (floor decor 1x1) 15 gems (from level 22)
    Spoiler: show

    Part I : 3 DAYS
    (FRI, Nov 24, 2017 - MON, Nov 27, 2017 10:30 AM PST (06:30 PM GMT)
    Snowman Table 3 gems (from level 5)
    Holiday Lights Table $17'000 (from level 10)
    Twinkle Table 1 gem (from level 39)
    Reindeer Table $38'000 (-"-)
    Gingerbread Table $38'000 (from level 40)
    Snowman Chair $2'000 (from level 5)
    Holiday Lights Chair $3'100 (from level 10)
    Twinkle Chair 1 gem (from level 39)
    Sleigh Chair 1 gem (-"-)
    Gingerbread Chair 1 gem (from level 40)
    Wreath (wall decor) 2 gems (from level 2)
    Holiday Gift Door (functional wall decor) 5 gems (from level 4)
    Frosted Window (wall decor) 5 gems (from level 5)
    Red Mounted Skis (wall decor) $10'000 (-"-)
    Color Lights (wall decor) $5'000 (-"-)
    Giant Snoman (floor decor 2x2) 10 gems (from level 1)
    Holiday Fireplace (floor decor 1x2) 5 gems (-"-)
    Build a Snowman (floor decor 4x4) 25 gems (from level 4)
    Holiday Jukebox (floor decor 1x1) $25'000 (from level 5)
    Gingerbread Divider (floor decor 1x1) $2'300 (from level 10)
    Ornament Wall $2'500 (from level 5)
    Illumunated Trees Wall $2'800 (from level 10)
    Holiday Spices Wall 1 gem (from level 11)
    Log Cabin Wall $1'430 (from level 12)
    Gingerbread Wall 1 gem (from level 33)
    Snowflake Floor 1 gem (from level 5)
    Holiday Pine Floor $380 (from level 6)
    Holiday Tree Floor $380 (-"-)
    Candy Cane Floor $380 (-"-)
    Gingerbread Floor $800 (from level 24)
    Candy Cane Counter $20'000 (from level 5)
    Holiday Lights Counter 3 gems (from level 10)
    Festive Counter $6'000 (from level 36)
    Twinkle Counter 2 gems (from level 37)
    Gingerbread Counter 2 gems (-"-)
    Easy Stove 50% off $5'000 (from level 1)
    Easy Oven 50% off $5'000 (from level 5)
    Easy Grill 50% off $5'000 (from level 10)
    Spoiler: show
    Quote Originally Posted by Juey_ View Post

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    Very exciting! : )

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    I can't wait!!!

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    Do u know which stove to prepare Full of Thanks Part 1 dishes

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    Current goal thread is here:

    Side goal dishes are always on the basic appliances: glazed turkey is on the oven, and potatoes are on the stove & ham musubi is on the grill.

    Also: Getting excited! Bring on the sale!
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    I remember last year, don’t remember if it was Black Friday or not but they re-released 3 discontinued holiday appliances. I’m hoping they do that again cause I’m on a different restaurant this time and would love to get my hands on those 3.
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    Bring back Fire Pit Grill (eggplant recipe)
    Singing Choir
    New recipes Standing rib roast and Beef Wellington, Cookie Oven

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    Happy thanksgiving all my forum members, i saw a goal nd an old appliance, excited to see whats next, but whers our sale, nd plzz someone see the gift 🍂🍁🍁🍂🎆🎇✨✨

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    Heads Up: Sale might be starting later, at around 10:30 AM PST. No official info has been released about the start time; I'm speculating based on last year's timing, and the timer on the gem sale I currently have in-game.
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    I feel like they forgot to put the crates on sale!

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