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Thread: Adding street market slots

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    Adding street market slots

    Twice I've collected materials and added slots and nothing changes. I have 11. Is there a max #of slots? I thought I miscalculated the first time but it happened again today. Contacted support, got message that individual requests would not be responded to. I'm at "The Pantry" 😉

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    Welcome to the forum.

    You can have a maximum of 24 slots in the Street Market. Make sure your connection is good before you upgrade. See Street Market in the Main Guide for more information.

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    I have exactly the same problem. Currently at 9 slots on my secondary account and I tried to upgrade to 10 slots, parts were taken from my account but no new slot given. I rebooted and tried again, parts were again taken as if upgrading from 10 slots to 11 slots but again no new slot given. I notice now that if I try to upgrade again, it wants the number of parts for upgrading to 12th slot, but of course my street market is still only at 9 slots. What?s going on?!
    P.S. My connection is absolutely fine!

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