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Thread: Clearing Tables of Tips

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    Lightbulb Clearing Tables of Tips

    I believe it would be beneficial for those playing if there was a way to clear ALL tables at one time of tips. Also, a way to clear spoiled food at one time. Is it possible to do this? Thank you

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    +1 I agree with both these suggestions.
    And being able to "select all friends" to both mass gift and gift request would be nice. I don't see the point to forcing manually tap each person (table, oven, etc).

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    Also a great idea!

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    Button to all clear tips. Was thinking same. In fact posted it to someone?s wall. Stating this hours or a day ago.

    Visiting other bakeries and holy pretzel, some have insane amounts they?re going to take so much time to collect. Takes away from more actual game play.

    More likely not as bad in my case. Should really have it. Those people that have so many tables more likely paid for gems just to have that many tables. Wouldn?t be surprised some are just mod. But really legit players would appreciate it. More time playing than doing that trivial thing. Fingers sore if like me constantly on a device with a little phone.

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