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Thread: Increasing Habitat Limits and New Expansions

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    Thank goodness. Now I don’t have to leave by the end of the year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by violetfarm105 View Post
    Thank goodness. Now I don’t have to leave by the end of the year.
    my sentiments exactly. So happy they are working with us and making the game playable.

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    Here is what there is so far!

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    Is this just me or does it look like this area expanded?

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    Such a big thanks!!! I really started to think that they wanted to end the game so we would never get new expantions.
    I dont wanna sound ungreatful but I'd love to expand the last free spaces by the sea- will we ever be able to?
    And 15 new expantions are good but I hope we dont have to beg/wait so long for the next 15

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    Thank you storm 8 for finally allowing for expansions & habitats to fill the spaces we already had. Don't get me wrong for what I'm about to say because I am extremely happy about this, but, I hope we don't have to wait years for the next expansion. We have been asking for this since 2015!!! I was just about ready to give up on the game. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

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    Thank you so much! I found out today that I only have 119 habitats out of 220 so I?m really happy about that

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    That's a very good news, but please make it possible to expand with few realm runes, it takes time to collect them 70 or +, and limited animals and habitats must be available to bu? using coins during event. thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by tahitii View Post
    Thank you Storm8! I know it was not an easy job  My habitat cap is now 223 but I see only two new spots where I can expand 樂
    I only got 2 as well. I'll keep reading to see if there is an answer for that. Also I'm not seeing where to tap for habitat count.I found it 233
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannersMouse View Post
    Hi everyone!

    I hope you're all doing well! I'm making a short post here to announce a few changes coming to the Forest today. We are increasing the habitat limits for players from level 40 onwards, and we are also making it possible for you to expand into 15 additional plots to give you more room for your collection.

    Thank you all for playing and making the Forest an amazing place!
    My problem is I can't earn ruins fast enough to be able to open new plots. I have tons of unhatched animals in storage just waiting because I can't open any new plots. I do everything I can to earn ruins, but it's not enough. I don't have any extra personal money to be able to be buying ruins either like others players are able to. I wish we could use our money from the game to exchange for ruins. How can I earn ruins faster? Please help!!

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    I'm curious as to where these 15 new expansions are... I've been expanding like mad since this happened but have hit a dead end and its soooo not 15! Am I missing something?
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