Well, it's that time of year again... the holidays are fast approaching. How does Storm8 stack up with their holiday decor?

In Home Design Story, Storm8 has done an outstanding job including decorations for most major holidays. Although they've failed miserably at including a Nativity Scene for Christmas or a Cross/Crucifix for Easter, they've managed to do pretty good on most of their Christmas Decor. The same applies to other holidays such as Valentine's Day, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

What about people who do not celebrate the aforementioned holidays? Well, they're in a tough spot...

For instance, there is only one lowly Hanukkiyah available for Hanukkah. It isn't even one you can place on a table, it's a huge Hanukkiyah that stands as tall as a Christmas tree! Don't the developers realize Hanukkah has more symbols than enormous Hanukkiyahs? What about dreidels (a spinning top) or gelt (chocolate foil covered coins or real coins)? Where's the Latkes (fried potato pancakes served with Applesauce or Sour Cream) or Sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts)? None of it makes an appearance. What about one of the most holy days in Judaism...Passover? Where is it represented? Nowhere. No Seder Plate(s) to choose from, no Haggadot to place on table (or even a Seder table pre-made, as you see with Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). What about a Sukkah for Sukkot? You won't find it. NOTHING. Judaism gets only a small nod with a massive Hanukkiyah and that is it... Apparently they don't realize there are a lot of people who are Jewish (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or even Messianic) who would like to see some items that represent their beliefs in-game.

What about those who are Buddhist? No Buddha statues or shrines are in-game. The only group that 'kind' of gets a nod is Islam because there are lanterns available for Eid and Ramadan (available in the Garden item list). Hindus have no Puja shrines or idols to place in their homes, or even Rangoli designs to adorn their floors with. What about Diyas for Diwali? Nope, they're not there. What about garlands to festoon their doorways? You won't find them.

While I think the game covers a lot of ground and definitely has a lot to offer, it fails miserably when it comes to holidays. Secular Christmas is available in abundance, but I don't see the ability to add 'snow' floor tiles outdoors yet...still waiting on that (unless I haven't made it that far, yet). The same holds true for Halloween and Thanksgiving, which have items ad nauseam.

Hopefully, players will band together and make their voices heard and let the developers know that we're not all secular in our beliefs and would like to see some 'personal' elements of faith to add to our homes. Key items representing all major religions would be lovely! While they don't have to implement items for every single holiday for each religion, at least a few items for the 'big holidays' would be much appreciated.

If you're not religious, that's fine...you can ignore the items as they're not required by a quest to place them in your home. However, if you are religious, please let your voice be heard! Would you like to see some items that represent your faith in the game?