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Thread: Feedback for Storm8

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    Feedback for Storm8

    You need to put the fun back into this game, and make the costs of things more reasonable. For a game to be fun, events need to be reasonably achievable. Having to earn 3200 spring petals in seven days is not reasonably achievable. Even a player completely outfitted with four nests, two evolution. flowers, one breeding den, six grand farms, and the spring steeple would need 9.5 days of absolutely perfect playing to achieve 3200 petals. You have given us 7 days. If I were a fully outfitted player as described above, that would irritate me, as I would still be looking at having to spend 848 gems to acquire the fairy. Assuming the gems were purchased on sale, that still equates to $24. Seriously? (Wealthy people who play this game might not bat an eye at that kind of money, but I find that to be a ridiculous amount of money to spend for one small element of a game.)

    For those of us who are not fully outfitted as described above, our situation is even bleaker. I only have two nests, and one evolution flower, though I have the farms, den and steeple as described above. If I could play a perfect game for 7 days, I would only be able to accumulate 1,848 petals. That's far short of the 3200 needed for the fairy. I, personally, cannot afford to spend $38.62 to complete this part of the event with gems. So, for me, logging into and playing this game has started to become not just irritating, but sad and depressing, as I can already tell, three days into this month, that I will not be able to achieve most of November's goals, even with very diligent playing, and spending a reasonable amount of gems for me.

    Then there's the issue of the special animals that need to be bred to advance in the November goals, that many of us cannot do in the allotted time, despite continual effort to do so. To just buy these animals with gems is also not an option for me.

    I'm willing to bet I'm not the only player who feels this way. I am very close to deleting this game (as I did with Castle Story a few months ago) as I am no longer finding enjoyment in its playing. I play games for fun and happiness, not for irritation and sadness.

    Editing to add: I guess somewhere in there I should have said that I would be willing to spend between $5-$15 per month to play this game. But more than that becomes, in my very humble opinion, unreasonable.
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    Agreed. It?s been made too difficult and all the fun is gone.

    Goals are too difficult, breeding is near impossible.

    Been playing for for several years but close to quitting if it doesn’t get better. Sad because it WAS a great game.
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    Yeah do you see it TL ?People hate your stupid new ruin the world event with not enough time and cluttering all farms with more unoriginal getting pets.Also have a look on your laziness to translate Petnames and other parts in games into german,french,spain or whatever!
    I hate such Stupid errors!
    Plz bring the old days back or everyone will run to the free instant games of facebook!

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    This game has been ruined anyways.

    I used to win the grand prize (along with other animals) frequently in spin to win events (and that was WITHOUT the amount of ads I get now) and I never experienced any issues with it like I have been lately. Now I'm lucky if I get runes. Heck, I'm lucky if I can even spin! And when my wheel actually does work, all I get is apples (which I already have over two million of), along with the items needed to get the monthly animal (which are completely useless to me and most other players considering the monthly animal goals are almost impossible to complete without spending gems).

    It's so obvious that the spin isn't random, and the percentages of getting each prize is calculated, and clearly, those percentages have dropped significantly. It's also obvious that this was done to increase the likelihood of people spending gems. Reduce the chances of getting the habitat or animal to less than 5%, get desperate people to buy spins using gems meaning if they don't have enough gems, they'll buy them and if they do have enough gems, they'll use them resulting in the person needing to buy more at some point.

    I used to gladly buy and spend gems to get a nice new habitat, for example, but this game has become all about the money for Storm8. The percentage to win a decent prize has dropped significantly in spin to win events, in order for us to buy more gems. World Events are impossible without spending gems. The new monthly animal goals are almost impossible, or just plain impossible, to complete without spending gems. Breeding animals seems to have gotten harder and the percentages lowered, especially limited time animals, and those associated with events such as world event or storybook (but hey, if you want the animals that badly or you want to complete the event, you could always, y'know, buy and spend gems). All of that, and still, gems are super expensive.

    This game has really changed, and for the worse. I quit the game once already over all of this, but decided to come back to give it another try. Well, needless to say, I don't think I'll stick around much longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AppleWhite84 View Post
    To all my neighbors: I've decided to uninstall Fantasy Forest after becoming increasingly frustrated with the game since October. So there is no need to visit my forest or send gems anymore. Very sorry to my gem buddies.
    I've read your messages on this forum for a long time as I've been playing fantasy story for over 2 years. Like you I've seen the changes in this game and feel the game is impossible to play and enjoy now without spending every waking moment on it. Earlier this year I decided to casually play this game and i don't bother about completing goals. I've realized all the regular plays who I use to recognise on this forum have all stop playing. Sad that nothing is still being done by the makers off this game.

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    I agree with the criticism. The game, in my opinion has changed to attract young players, yet the prices have gone up. I personally don,t respond to pale pinks and blues and storybook characters as much as the original fantasy forest creatures - more creative. Since you are appealing to children, please hire an editor and use correct English. Example in latest game Sunken Treasure “her chirped” should be “she chirped.” “Strangely, he didn’t sad.” Did you mean “stay”? It is important that children experience correct grammar and spelling. I would not let my children play a game that uses poor writing or is too expensive!

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