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Thread: Navigating my home.... HELP!!!

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    Navigating my home.... HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, I want to put windows on the other side of my house but it won?t let me drag my purchase that way. Is there anyway to rotate my view of the house to see the other two walls?? Also, I bought an expansion lot and I wanted to move my outdoor decorations there. It wouldn?t let me. Any reason why??? I like this game and want to keep going but I need some help... thanks

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    I'm not 100% positive what you mean by "on the other side of my house", but I will try to address your concerns.

    First, windows and wall-decor items may only be placed on exterior walls on the north and east facing walls. This means you cannot place windows or other wall-decor type items on the west or south facing walls. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of issues with designing your home. You will find that the inability to place items on interior walls and/or move walls is going to be a huge stumbling block in the HDS gameplay. The only suggestion I can offer is for you to place 'tall' items as visual barriers if you wish to 'divide' spaces. For example, a room divider screen can be placed alongside an interior wall to give the impression that it is a divided space. Otherwise, it is frequently difficult to discern the difference between one room and another.

    Pertaining to moving decorations to the expansion slots. Until they're completed and the room 'outfitted', you cannot move items to that space. It's unfinished and nothing can be added to it. Once the room is complete, you should be able to move any object you wish into the space. Home Design Story does have some issues with layering in-game and objects don't layer as they should if you're still having difficulty moving objects into that room...please reset your device. If that doesn't correct the issue, it may be a problem with the in-game layering issues. Sadly, this is yet one more area Storm8 is failing on their in-game implementation. Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update.

    I hope I have answered your concerns and you continue to enjoy HDS! Welcome to the HDS family.
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