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Thread: Some ideas for what I'd love to see

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    Some ideas for what I'd love to see

    I'd love to have in my kingdom:

    A large arachnid (spider-like) creature - future Monster Hunt candidate maybe.

    Owls are very castle themed!
    Maybe perched atop a tree.

    A Mouse character. (Like Porchini or the satyrs)

    !! Trader Troll and Adamir becoming walkers !!
    Also a House for Adamir if this was to happen.
    Maybe a wedding for Kaz and Trader Troll.
    Maybe eventually an Elf girlfriend for Adamir.

    Thanks Storm8 for delivering Hennrick , my forest archer lover for Ivy!
    He's exactly what I described.
    Stoked you listened to my suggestion.
    Castle Story forever!! ❤️

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    Owls!! YES!! OWLS!!!

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