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Thread: Restaurant Story: November 2017

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    New Resident
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    Nov 2017
    Hong Kong

    I'm active hourly.

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    Oct 2011
    Looking for 0 star players since I don't tip daily and don't expect tips.

    I do play goals and respond to requests. Both Bakery and Restaurant


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    Need some more neighbors. I gift and respond to requests. I do not tip. xtinalogan1

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    Nov 2017
    Hey ad me ikkes101

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    Looking for active level 99 players.
    Don't mind about tipping, stars or even gifts, as long as you play daily and respond to requests.

    I have been playing restaurant (and bakery) story for many years.
    What I like are the goals and the decorating?
    What I don't like is deleting neighbours who stopped playing.
    I have a busy life, so I may not always tip back immediately when you've come to visit me, but I do appreciate it.
    My id: draakjedraakje

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    I'm level 99. I play daily and gift and answer requests. I don't tip but if you leave a message on my wall I will tip back.

    Id: Tracey7d

    I also play bakery story, fashion story and sometimes castle story

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