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Thread: Are they telling us something

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    Are they telling us something

    So since the Halloween sale has started every time I enter game it pops up with play a different storm* game. So I am wondering are they tring to push us into their other games? I don?t like their other games and cannot find I game similar to fashion I hope this is not the case.

    Anyone else bombarbed with their other games?

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    Well I?ve found dragon story, castle story etc. very boring. I like more the mania games but no game is like fashion story, how can?t they realize that? That?s their best game with alot of fedele players, no goals, no free gems for watching adds, no updates and we still here waiting for news. If they have eyes in their heads and they should invest in this game again

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    I do like home design story.

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    After the new iOS 11 update I was no longer able to access my old Farm Story game. It said the developer needed to do an update. So my guess is that?s what will happen to Fashion Story too, as it seems to be taking the same route, no new quests, updates or items for sale. The only thing Farm Story kept going was a gem sale every once in a while. Then after this last iOS update the game wouldn?t even open. There hasn?t been any rumours of a Fashion Story 2 like there was for Farm Story 2, so this leads me to believe there won?t be one. I?m not wasting any more money on this one. Home Design Story and Dream City have been abandoned as well I think. Time for some real life fun!

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    I’ve been playing this game since I’ve owned an iPad (more than 4 years) and can’t imagine not being able to access my store that I’ve spent so much time & MONEY on.....super frustrating!

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