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Thread: Accidentally spent my gems

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    Accidentally spent my gems

    A little while ago my phone screen glitches out and used 10 gems that I intended to use for finishing the Halloween goals later today, now I don't have sufficient gems, is there a way to undo what I believe to be a 10 gems - 45k coins purchase in the next few hours?

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    I am sorry this happened!

    For loss of gems please submit a ticket by filling out this form .
    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
    How to submit Support Request

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    Warning newbies! Get used to losing your 10 gems!!!

    I've been playing for 4 plus years. My gems get stolen by that "You've just purchased 250,000 coins" pop up...when I NEVER requested it. Oh, I get the coins....but like I said. Therefore, I'm unable to play this game the way it's designed to be played.

    Newbies, don't bother complaining or demanding your gems back because you'll never see them again. All Team Lava's capable of doing is saying how sorry they hoo hoo! You'll never have the luxury of getting what you want like a gem dispenser, crates, etc. So, get used to having to spend your lousy first 10-15 gems in a hurry before they get stolen. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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    I am sorry this happened to you. For loss of gems, you can contact Support: support form if you wish. It may be a case by case basis, I don't know. No harm trying cos you never know.

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    Unhappy Charged for crate I didn't buy

    I buy a lot of crates, in general. And I did make a few gem purchases today, a display case, some wallpaper and a coupla tables. However, I've been charged 24 gems for a crate I ABSOLUTELY definitely didn't buy...the turkey crate (c'mon guys, in the middle of Xmas week?)...cuz I was on a whole other tab placing tables.
    And anyone who has played knows the table tab is all the way at the other end of the clickety clacker...
    My game just refreshed and then the gems got
    I've raised a ticket but I don't know how long it will take for the gems to be credited back...
    I won't be able to log in from the 24th so unless I get those gems back soon I'll miss whatever else I planned to buy from the Xmas sale. I could just buy more gems but I've spent far too much on this game in the last month "real-life" budget ihas been crying for mercy for many days now.
    Besides, this wasn't my bad, S8.
    I could get all righteously enraged and whiny...but I'm not gonna. Esp cuz its holidays for y'all too. So must I do now?
    Is there a way to expedite? Any way I can help?
    Please people. I refuse to believe in an Un-merry Xmas...and I'm gonna spend them right back anyway...

    Bakery name: Zaara's
    iOS Version 1.7.7
    Ticket [removed]
    Last edited by SpiritWind00; 12-23-16 at 01:34 AM. Reason: removed ticket no

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    Hi Zaara, I've made a report for you with S8 with your ticket number included. I've removed it here as posting ticket numbers are private. Not sure how long it may take bc of the holidays, but the report is in for you. Work with support for a resolution in the meantime.

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    Oh thank you!
    Big of you, @SpiritWind00
    Hope the magic and joy of Xmas lingers in the Glimmerwood thru the whole of 2017...and I mean this with my whole DA*N heart!

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    Gems lost to past goal

    I know that TL is aware of this bug: sometimes during bad connectivity, players get a series of pop-up messages about every past goal that is to be "revived" with gems.
    While playing, I mis-clicked one such message and spent some of my gems. I waited a couple of days to see if they would be returned, but they were not.
    (The message was for a goal that I had long completed and unlocked all the recipes to (SweetCo), so I should not have been even "eligible" for that offer in the first place.)

    Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how many gems were lost in that one click (I'm guessing between 10-30). Please look into this!

    id: royalmissk
    date of incident: 12/26 (may be 12/27 because of time zone)

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    I am sorry you lost your gems. The forum is unable to assist on loss of gems. Please contact Support: support form. Thanks.

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    Thread can be archived or deleted.
    Thanks v much mods and thanks S8 for responding to my ticket.
    #SpiritWind00 (especially)

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