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    I just love getting to talk to you guys about the wonderful world of Fantasy Forest Story. And I thought, why not start another thread on what animal is at the top of your list! I encourage both long time players and those new to the game to leave a post.

    *Feel free to take a scroll through the Creature Guide --- thanks Rynetory, jmatarii, AppieP, and all those who contribute to it --- to see all the beautiful, and not so beautiful , creatures this game has given us!*

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    My all time favourite is the Nightmare.

    I remember being somewhat new to the game at that point still when the ad popped up for her. I didn't have this forum to help me beat the rounds so I literally had set my alarm every hour (including through the nights) for the duration of the tournament. It was a guessing game. It was around midnight, the very last few minutes of her tournament, that I simply had her to beat. Miraculously, I got that lucky hit and she was mine!
    I hatched her soon after and the game generated a name for her...Midnight. My hard fought Nightmare, won at midnight, was named Midnight. So perfect! Lol
    She was one of my first few animals evolved all the way up to level 15 (we never really had much need for them to all be leveled up at that time) and she battled a lot of tournaments! She was at the top of my list for a long time. Now she's further down, but I still remember her glory days!
    She will always have that special place in my heart for being the first animal I had fought and won. She is absolutely beautiful to me. <3

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    Thank you for sharing your story with us!
    I would have to think for a while about who my favorite is. I'm not sure that I could narrow it down to just one. I hope other people chime in soon with their answers because it is fun to see what others think.

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    This is a hard decision...i have many favorites. Out of the "normal" breedable animals I would say that punk skunk is my absolute favorite. I love all versions of it. There are animals that i really love as babies and my favorites are probably cactus kitsune, toy elephant, and heartvark. My favorite adult animals include heart hound and buccaneer.

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    Out of the regular, always breedable creatures, I'd have to say Magmacore. It just has a really cool design!

    I have quite a few favorites out of the limited time creatures. I really love my Allagator, Caturn, Flame Kirin, and Midnight Dragon, but I think my favorite of all time is the Silver Rosetiger

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    I feel like the baby versions are always so much cuter. Lol As for favourite common/always breedable creature, Solar Simian. That little adorable baby just running around?! Ooooh!

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    My all time favourite is the Quartz Quetzalcoatl:

    It’s beautiful and has one of the best battle moves

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    At this exact moment, I would have to say Crystal Unicorn, bc I tried so long, & less than an hour ago I FINALLY got that 45 hour timer! Give me a month, & it will probably be Persepony or Grand Unicorn.

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    The Petal Pony is one of my personal favorites, as I won her two years back in the leaderboard event and actually got first place. It was my first ultra rare and I was so happy.

    Another personal favorite is the Greek Griffin- it's so cute and I like the style it's in

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