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Thread: "Champions of Myth" leaderboard begins 3/15/19

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    "Champions of Myth" leaderboard begins 3/15/19

    Here is a thread starter for the new event. I have attached the photo. That is all I am doing (I don't plan to populate the thread with the data on all the milestones, etc.).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, I like the animals, but the one looks so very similar to the Echidnebula that we got a couple months back, and this dragon is kind of the same idea as the Skyvern, but I like the Skyvern much, much better. Oh well, I am still excited about a leaderboard because I love all the milestones, including the free habitat we usually receive!

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    Thanks for starting a thread. If someone who does plan to populate the main post creates a new thread, we'll sticky the one that'll be updated.

    Good luck on the Leaderboard!

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