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Thread: Fantasy Forest: Main Guide

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    Spin To Win

    Available: Level 10

    At Level 10, you may see a limited-time prize wheel called Spin to Win! Spin the wheel once a day to receive a prize!
    You can win great prizes like NEW and EXCLUSIVE Animals, Decorations, Coins, Food, Realm Runes, and even Gems!
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    Watch the video and earn a free gift. Different prizes are offered in your gift screen. Do note that this is a promotional feature which comes and goes to random players.

    Discussion thread:
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    You are not alone on this island; humans have lived here for ages! Gaya, the Spirit Leader of the island, will be your guide to raising the magical creatures that live there. Gaya is always willing to give you advice, so be sure to tap her picture on the left side on the screen! Gaya will give you Goals to accomplish, and she'll be sure to inform you when you unlock important new features! By completing goals, you will earn rewards. These rewards can be gems, coins, experience, food, and more!

    When you tap Gaya's icon, there will be a list of all your current Goals. New Goals will appear as you level up or complete previous Goals. The rewards can be seen on the right side. Tapping a Goal shows you all the things you need to do to complete that Goal. Goals can be comprised of multiple tasks, so be sure you complete everything you need to!

    If you're unsure where to go to complete a Goal, there is often a button by a task that will take you to the right place to complete it. And if you're really stuck, remember that your Neighbors, keepers in your Community, and players in the Forums will be happy to help you out!

    Game Goals
    The regular game goals are not limited by time which means you can work on as your game progresses. They will remain in your Goal List until you complete them.

    Limited Time Goals
    The limited time goals are only available for the duration of the goals. You can check the timer icon next to your goal to see the duration. See the respective event/goal threads in the Discussion forum for more information on these goals.

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    Leaderboard Events

    Leaderboard events will ask players to compete with their friends and other community members in a friendly and fun competition! During a limited-time leaderboard event, players will vie for incredible prizes by completing various tasks to earn leaderboard points. Don't worry about competing against players with a higher level than you! We'll pair you with community players who are similar to you so there’s no need to be intimidated! Remember, smaller ranked groups of players of similar level ranges means more winners and more prizes!

    How you earn points can change from event to event. One event may require you to breed and hatch animals to earn points while another may have you harvesting crops from your farms and feeding your animals. Make sure to check the Info during the event to learn the specific details!

    In order to earn more points during the short event period, you may acquire Boosts to tip the scales in your favor! Boosts will multiply the number of event points you earn for a limited amount of time. At the end of the event, the leaderboard rankings will dictate which players are the victors and which rare and exclusive prizes they will earn.
    Prizes! There are different ways to earn prizes during leaderboard events. We've discussed prizes at the end of an event from your ranking but you'll also hit milestone amounts of points and earn useful items during the event. For example, you may earn a bundle of food when you've earned 100 points and another great prize at 500 points. The final milestone prize will always be worth working for. Perhaps it will be an animal! In order to earn a prize you have to collect at least 10 points, so players with fewer points won't get a prize!

    A wondrous wheel of prizes will frequently appear for players to aid in your progress and boost your rank! You may get bundles of additional leaderboard points, gems, coins, food, and much more! Check back often to spin the wheel and continue to climb the leaderboards to the top.

    Related topic: Spin to win
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    Storybook Adventures

    Storybook Adventures are limited-time events where players can complete tasks to earn rare prizes! When a Storybook Adventures event is active, the Storybook building will appear on your island. Tap on the Storybook Adventures building and then hit Start to activate your timed event. If you do not activate your Storybook Adventures event in time, don't worry - it will be auto-activated for you.

    Once activated, your timer will begin. Complete all Chapters of the Storybook Adventures event before the timer runs out to earn the Grand Prize!

    1. Complete ALL Chapters of the Storybook Adventure earn beautiful new Animals!
    2. A new Chapter will unlock each day of the Event and includes multiple tasks to complete. Carefully read the tasks and complete them to earn the rewards.
    3. Complete all Chapters to receive the Grand Prize!
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    Available: Level 17

    The Arena is where animals hone their combat skills and spar one another for glory and social standing. When a Tournament is held in the Arena, animals and their Keepers have a limited time to battle their way through the Tournament bracket and defeat the Champion. If you can defeat the Champion before the Tournament ends, you can bring it to your island!

    Here's how you compete in a Tournament:
    Step 1: Tap the Tournament icon at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a Trophy!), or tap the Arena near the top of your island. You must be at least Level 17 to compete in the Arena.
    Step 2: Select the opponent you will face. Tournaments are arranged in a ladder from the least to the most challenging opponents. Prepare yourself for the battles ahead!
    Step 3: Select the animal you wish to battle with.

    Be sure to pick an animal that matches up well against your opponent! The same battle principles that apply to the Battlegrounds exist in the Arena as well. For more information, read the FAQ section: "Why Are Some Animals Better than Others in the Battlegrounds?"

    After you fight in the Arena, you won't be able to fight again right away, unless you bribe the Battlemaster with Gems.
    If you lost the last battle, your wounded warriors will need time to rest, or use Gems to speed up the healing process.

    Related topic: Battle Chart
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    World Events

    Available: Level 14

    You will see a World Event icon on the middle right of your game once you get to Level 14. Click on it to open your World Event screen. During a World Event, you and other players will collect Event Item to earn individual and community prizes!

    You can earn Event Item by doing the following:

    - Hatching animals from your Nest
    - Harvesting food at your Farms
    - Evolving your animals
    - Breeding your animals (2x Bonus from breeding during this event!)
    - Obtaining the Event Boosts
    - Digging in the Mine

    Once you collect enough Event Item to earn the first individual prize, the second individual prize will unlock. After the community collectively gathers enough Event Item to earn a community prize, all players who have collected enough Event Item to be eligible will receive it.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Can't I Place an Animal in a Habitat?
    There can be two reasons an animal can't be placed in a habitat. First, the habitat already has as many animals as it can hold. In this case, you'll either want to build a new habitat, or sell existing animals to make room.
    The second reason is that the habitat is not an appropriate type for your animal. Animals can only live in a habitat that matches their elemental type. For example, Pandaffodils are Nature-type animal, and can only live in a Nature Preserve habitat. Meanwhile, a Fairy Ferret - which is a Fire and Nature hybrid - could live in either a Nature Preserve or a Fire Field.

    You can check the type of a habitat by tapping its Info button or by looking in the Shop. The symbols under the habitat image correspond to its type. To check the type of an animal, you can tap the habitat it is in, and tap its button, or look in the Shop to check its symbol(s).

    How Can I get a Specific Animal from the Breeding Garden?
    Much about the magical Tree of Life is still unknown. Despite caring for the Tree and the animals it creates for centuries, we have come no closer to unlocking its secrets. However, we have learned that combinations of certain types of animals will produce particular offspring, though some animals are more rare than others. It's best to try different combinations of animals, and trying each combo multiple times. The colors of the animals you put into the Breeding Garden can be passed on to the new egg. When you have hybrid animals (animals with more than 1 element type), try putting them into the Breeding Garden. You might get a special or rare outcome!

    Of course, if you want to get a specific animal, you can also always visit the Shop and buy the egg you want! However, please note that not all animals may be purchased in the Shop.

    How Can I Get More Gems?
    You can get more Gems by tapping the Add button (a '+' symbol) next to the Gem icon at the top of the screen. Once you tap this Add button, you will be able to select from several Gem offers available for purchase.
    You can also get Gems from your friends as a gift! See "SOCIAL FEATURES" for information about how to add friends and receive gifts. Send your friends Gems and they will return the favor. Lastly, we also occasionally hold events in the Forums where keepers can win free Gems! See the section "How to Access the Forum" to learn more.

    How Do I Increase my Level?
    To increase your level, you have to earn experience points. There are a number of ways you can do this.
    - Hatching eggs.
    - Building a new habitat or building.
    - Clear debris from your island.
    - Harvesting fruit from your Farms.
    - Completing Goals.

    How Do I Move Items?
    Items can be moved by tapping the item and then tapping the Move icon from the menu. You can drag the item to a new position and tap the green check mark when its in an eligible place that you're happy with.
    To move an animal from one habitat to another appropriate one, tap the first habitat, then the button for the animal you'd like to move. You'll see a Move Habitat button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap that, then tap the new destination habitat!

    How Do I Sell Items?
    If you would like to sell an item, tap it and then tap the Move icon from the menu. While in this mode, there will be a Sell button in the bottom right. Be careful before you decide to sell anything though: you may have to work hard to get it again, and some rewards you won't be able to win a second time.

    To sell an animal, select the habitat it is in, then select the animal's button. You'll see a Sell button in the bottom right.
    Please note that a habitat with animals living inside can't be sold until all the animals in it are sold or moved first.

    Why Are Some Animals Better Than Others in the Battlegrounds?
    Your animal's success in the Battlegrounds depends on the following criteria:
    - Your animal's level. The higher level an animal is, the stronger it is in the Battlegrounds, so be sure to feed and evolve your animals as often as possible!
    - Your animal's rarity. Keep breeding your animals to find ultra rare battle champions!
    - Your animal's elemental type. Certain animal types are more effective against others in the Battlegrounds. For instance, a Pyro Pony's fire attack may not be able to burn a Rock Rhino, but Pandaffodils think that attack is quite toasty!

    If you keep finding yourself unable to win a tough level in the Battlegrounds, try leveling up your animal more, or switching the animal you use to Battle.

    How can I breed Water or Electric Animals?
    The base creature for Water Animals is the Frostfang - a wild creature that roams free in the uncharted areas of the island. Once you reach Level 10, you can expand your island into the Frostfang's land; then, you can breed all new Water type animals!

    To expand your island, first look for and tap an Expand sign near the edges of your island. Expansions can be purchased with Coins and/or Realm Runes earned from Mining. After you purchase the expansion, it will take time for the area to be habitable for your animals!

    The Lightning Leopard is the base animal for the Electric Animals. Like the Frostfang, you must expand into the Lightning Leopard's home to bring it to your island.

    Where can I find Storm8 Studios' privacy policy?
    Our privacy policy is available at

    Where can I find Storm8 Studios' terms of service?
    Our terms of service is available at

    My Question Wasn't Answered Here. What Can I Do?
    You can contact Support or check the forum.

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    How can I get more gems?
    You can get gems by purchase or from neighbours or game downloads.

    Buy gems
    You can get more Gems by tapping the [Add] button next to the [Gems] icon at the top of the screen. Once you tap this [Add] button, you will be able to select from various Gem offers available for purchase.

    You can receive a gem from 3 neighbours every day. You can add your Storm8 ID and find others looking for neighbours in the Add Me forum.

    Other games goals
    You sometimes get goals to download and play other Storm8 games in your goal list. Download and play these games to be rewarded with gems.

    When you get this game goal prompt in Fantasy Forest, do not install the new game immediately. You should check your other Storm8 games and see they get this prompt. This way, you will get the gem/gold rewards in your other games as well.

    Lost gems
    For loss of gems, please contact Storm8 Support:

    Discussion thread: Gem sales
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    Regarding In-App Purchases

    If This Is A Free Game Why Was I Charged?
    Storm8 Studios games are free to download and play. We offer optional products through in-app purchases that serve to enhance various aspects of gameplay.

    I Made An Unintentional Purchase, What Can I Do?
    For your security and protection, Apple handles all aspects of these transactions. You will need to contact Apple directly if you wish for a refund on these transactions.

    I Do Not Want To Pay Money Ever. How Do I Prevent Myself From Making Unintentional Purchases?
    There is a way to restrict In-App Purchases on your device. On your device, please go to Settings Menu -> General -> Restrictions option. You can then simply turn off In-App Purchases under "Allowed Content".

    Please read the Regarding In-App Purchases thread for more information.

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