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Thread: Castle Story Halloween Event: Ivy's nursery continuing | Tales of the Crypt event

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    Oct 2015
    I'm hoping these glitches are just because the next game is coming online. With any luck they'll settle. I hope.

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    Pops have disappeared from my kitchen too, and treat bags are not dropping. I'm going to stop playing and save energy until the new game shows up.

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    My werepea just dropped a treat bag!

    Do we know when this event will start?

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    Add me to the list of no more dire pops recipe suddenly too!

    What up man, the event isn't over till 11 / 1st, so where'd it go?

    I scrolled through the entire list of recipes and it's not there.

    I just collected one that I started not sure when sometime between 3 to 6 hours ago maybe? It was there at 8 or 9am eastern usa and now it is gone at 2:20pm eastern usa

    This whole event makes me feel meh and more meh today.

    I had fun collecting stuff to make my little ghostpee and my toilet paper pup to go with my toilet paper kitty (kitty is from baron tent). It just slowly got to be too stressful and full of the unfun.

    I was having fun and I even paid into it because I super love how cute the werefang was and for the price (4 or 5 dollars I forget) I figured well chocolate cake costs more than that at FoodLion and this is way less likely to make me sick for days (and a whole lot less calories too even though man do I really want cake so bad)

    So it was worth it to me, but now I sort of feel ripped off. Yeah it's "just 4 or 5 dollars" but I thought he'd at least drop wheat or something?

    It's like Ivy's carriage all over again. I expected after paying for him that he'd at least do more than 1 exp at the end.


    What happened the storyline about the Baron and the house and the candy? It's like that just got brushed away. Did I miss the end or something while being sleepy or was that just boop! stopped! So shouldn't we now technically get to trick or treat at the haunted house? Didn't we manage to convince him or... not??? What's going on. What's the end of the story there? The Baron whine whine whined and then..... ??? Nothing?? Sure I get 1k coins but it's a haunted house, give me candybags for braving up to go near it maybe?

    I still want to know is this ghost knight actually Gemma trying to tell us something and all we're doing is swinging a sword wildly at her holographic messenger. Where's Gemma, I thought she'd be returning during an event this month but I guess not?

    I have zero treat bags of buildings but I assumed that was the normal ratio that I've had of max haunted house to 10, still got 99 masks and so many blackflag on them (as in I am maxed on the item, so the little black flag pops up in the corner to say so, in case anyone wonders what I mean), so that is a LOT of farm houses and less than 10 of my treat bags total in 2 weeks came from those houses. So much energy wasted today ugh.

    I feel very grumpy. I am also very whiny today. I am probably whiny every day though, sorry.

    edit to add lol at 2:45 my game did a roll back as I was harvesting wheat: Dire boar pops are back!
    Last edited by calicokittennope; 10-19-17 at 11:46 AM. Reason: pops are back but I'm still grumpy!
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    Can't upgrade tomb. Gem trap trying. S8, you're making hard to like this game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeexix View Post
    Can't upgrade tomb. Gem trap trying. S8, you're making hard to like this game!
    Tap away & try again. If that doesn’t work, try a force close.
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    Forced close just after noon Pacific. Pops are back and the new event has started. First task was to collect from five cows and five chickens, I hope the whole event is that easy.

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    Aussie in Chicago
    I just met Jeanne Pierre Pfefferknot, world famous architect.

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    Are building skins the "great prizes"? The announcement just says great prizes for leveling up the tomb.

    I don't want to start this event if it's just to change the look of an existing building.

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    It is on!

    Name of event: Tales of a Crypt

    First goal:
    Feed Cows 5x
    Feed Chickens 5x
    Reward: 5 red leaves Name? not there yet......

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