First of all, I would like to thank the developers for taking my idea into consideration for lowering the incubation time to 10 hours or less for new common dragons. It's wonderful that's been the trend. Thank you!
I don't know if my idea for a 2nd island was read on the other forums but a good idea to solve the land problems and crashing issues would be to set up a 2nd island and travel there by tunnel or like how one would travel to the arctic isles. However, the 2nd island would be like the first island and land would be acquired the same way as island 1.
A temporary solution until this can be implemented is to use the large open water space to the lower right screen for land earned by the mine. I see about 20 new spaces in that area alone. It would make your fans happy and spend more and isn't that what a good American business needs? Happy customers = more money spent - it's been proven time and time again. We want to continue to love this game not constantly have to criticize.