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Thread: Little Monster Dragon October 17 2017

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    Thanks Serpentray for putting things in perspective,

    Might as well keep trying, but not holding my breath

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    I appreciate your writing style, Serpentray. Thank you for the information.

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    I got one by breeding magic and social together. Usually I avoid breeding with magic because he only likes to spit out other magic dragons (such a waste of 20 hours), but this time he did good 😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by starship412 View Post
    Wow, no Libra Dragon this year yet we get stupid dragons like this and the continuation of the neo theme shoved down our throats. Little Monster is ridiculous and a ridiculous 27 hour breeding time for a dragon that doesn't do anything special in tourneys - smh!
    You gotta admit, it is cute though. 3 little dragons in a totem pole trench? Adorable 😊 I wonder how far evolved they have to be for all 3 little guys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by serpentray View Post
    We have to assume Storm8 boosted the algorithm such that if your breeding calc. slots to a Super Rare, you must have a better chance of the Little Monster than the other 10+ SRs (otherwise, this will be near impossible...). Spending gold on Boosted Breeding (which I don't advocate) appears to be the only way to significantly increase your chances. If Little Monster is a more likely outcome than other SRs, then Boosting would provide you a decent chance of completing the goal.
    I can’t say for certain that S8 has boosted the chances for the breeding of the Little Monster, but I have been unusually lucky in that I actually managed to breed these Halloween dragons within 4 tries each, the latest being the Little Monster using Scorpio and Neo Yellow.

    That?s more than I can say for FF Story where none of my attempts to breed the required animals produced anything but commons with annoyingly long breeding and hatching times.

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    No chance here... fail after fail... disappointing!

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    Wish and air 27 hours hope it helps

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    On 5th fail, maybe 6th..all a blur at this point. S8, please don't make it so hard to breed dragons that are part of an event. Those of us lucky enough to breed a new dragon, also get a boost toward other prizes. There has to be something more balanced. Pls limit number of fails.

    Thanks for all the breeding suggestions, working my way through them. Good luck, all.

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    Tried all suggestions several times except diamond combo. No luck so far and also used 5 10X breeding boosts 😞
    What?s the best match?

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    This having to breed a certain dragon is getting very tedious. Fail after fail after fail. I am not feeling the love S8.
    Thanks to all that are posting their lucky breeding pair, hopefully the S8 gods look down upon us who are struggling to achieve this goal. Maybe my dragons need to attend a fertility clinic.

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