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Thread: Add "Select All" Feature When Selecting Neighbors to Send Requests To

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    Post Add "Select All" Feature When Selecting Neighbors to Send Requests To

    For players such as myself that have such a long list of neighbors, a simple "Select All" feature would be a wonderful addition. It should also be noted that sometimes when selecting neighbors, the checkmark disappears. When you put the checkmark back in place, check all of your other neighbors (those of which the checkmark will stay in place), then click send, you get an alert that says something along the lines of "Your request has been sent, but (insert number of checkmark-glitched-neighbors here) neighbors have not recieved the request as you have already sent them one today."

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    Great suggestion TrollSilver. I agree.

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    I too would love to see a select all, when asking neighbors for maps, lotus flowers, etc.

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    Pleeeeeease. This is so necessary

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    Yessss. This is something we need.

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    Please add it!!!!!!!!

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    SOOO Needed!!!!! This is the only game I play hat doesn't have a select all feature! PLEASE ADD!!!!!!

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