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Thread: New Dragon: Candy Hoard (Purple, Yellow) 10/10/17

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    Thanks to those who posted Royal and Cosmic, it worked! Would never have tried that combination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Den8137259 View Post
    I wanted a Eve (black, white, yellow) so I had night elf and griffin in den, and it's 30h ★ This would be my third candy horde ★

    Still couldn't comprehend how that combo could yield a candy horde, is it that black is split to red/blue to become purple while white is recessive? ★
    Still cannot get one on either of my accounts, sick of genies. How can u breed for nothing else and still not get it, this shows how rigged this game is. Might as well give up now, sick of wasting money on a game that is great but not fair.

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    I feel really frustrated that I've had two dens going around the clock and have had fail after fail. If something is going to be impossible to breed than it shouldn't be worth any points toward an event!! Of course without those 250 candies I won't be able to finish😡

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    No success for me with getting the Hoard... Two dens and speed breeding but still no luck. Good luck to those still trying.

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    No luck for me either... can't breed this one to save my life!
    Cosmics, enough Genies to get wishes for eternity, Peacocks, Music, Royals, Tricksters... got ALL possibilities BUT the Candy Hoard. With 2 dens working full time. So sad.

    Also means I can't get the bonus points to get the last dragon of the event.

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    Just got this last night! 3 hours before the timer ends!

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