View Poll Results: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    7 2.12%
  • Longer (more than 15 days)

    257 77.88%
  • Remain The Same

    66 20.00%
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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    Goals need more time #NEW PLAYERS HAVE NO CHANCE


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    I’m okay with 15 days. But the 5-day goals are the worst. Storm8 actually missed out on me spending a chunk of gems. I work crazy hours and find it difficult to do the goals during the week. I really wanted the spooky fireplace and intended to gem the remainder of my food to complete it. But I was stuck on a conference call and missed the deadline. Ending a goal in the middle of a work day isn’t the best idea. Thanks for listening!

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    I would prefer the 15 day goal to become around 12 days. I usually finish these goals in around 6-7 days (without spending any gems) and then there's just a lot of time waiting around...

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    Longer time AND not so many of each part. What is up with that..course it would help if we could tell who plays and who doesn't anymore. Even if they delete the game they still show up as a friend of mine.

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    It should stay the same. What needs to change is the number of parts because it takes ages to build one appliance. If the number of parts can’t be changed, then the timer should be longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5bread2fish View Post
    Longer time AND not so many of each part.
    I agree, especially this busy time of year.

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    Though this poll was started last year it's now more relevant than before since they've changed how goals works. Machines require many more parts now then they used to. Recipes for the second oven now always take a long time to cook too, which makes it take longer to master each one and get finished with that stove.

    I now like to build a minimum of 6 of the second stove, a max of 9 if I can manage it. Without using the reset the recipe trick because that eats up your money really fast.
    So we really need more time to get enough stoves built so it doesn't take forever to master all the recipes.

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    I think that the main 15 day goal should stay the same, however the side goal would be better with 18-20 days since you have to cook 20-50 dishes per recipe.

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    Goal times should remain or definitely be longer
    Will Storm8 EVER bring back the GEM DISPENSER for those of us that missed it??

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