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Thread: Do you think the goal timer should be shorter, longer, or remain the same?

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    I think you should go back to 30 days. It gives people who have a very busy life time to finish it. I was very upset that I was unable to finish the Halloween goals as that is my favorite holiday.
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    I agree! Go back to longer goal time.

    I have been playing for years and thse short goal times are impossible to complete.

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    OMG, Why are they doing 14 day goals during busiest time of year? So basically if I go anywhere I will not be able to achieve goal nor will I have time if I stay home because getting ready for holidays. I'm very upset about this & I'm feeling like this is maybe a time to stop playing for good now, after near daily playing for 4 yrs. It is an addiction I will admit, but one that's easy to break when I get fed up. Wish they would hire back everyone they fired &then get rid of the current management.

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    I voted Longer but have not had the time to express my thoughts. So after the past few weeks (months?) where the goals from RS and BS are running simultaneously even if they started a few days within each other, here goes:-

    After the BS acorn goal was launched, I knew that we would be getting goals from RS soon after the BS one was released, and I was right. I am also tired of the back to back goals, especially since it's only 15 days. How hard can it be to just rewrite the codes to change it to 21 days? or 30 days? Have a sale / update in between? And the mini goal can also be done within the 30-day time frame, maybe towards the end of the goal month. Right now, there really isn't enough time to gain back the coins after doing goals unless I adopt the "pen" layout and ruin my resto's look.

    It's getting harder to redecorate without almost on the brink of going broke. The items aren't exactly cheap either and I'm speaking as a level 99 player with roughly 15 mil+ as of now. Of course I haven't been around as long as the others and my resto/bakery is still pretty small compared to a lot of other players.. Reason being, the more you expand, the more you will have to spend when you redecorate. And I do like redecorating. I also find it really calming to just sit and watch the customers eat your food in your restaurant that you've decorated to your liking.

    The gem dispenser should be available for purchase too, so that we don't have to cook 100 mill of food to get gems and then wait forever for the food to finish. Either that or make it like a goal for us to unlock it. I personally wouldn't mind cooking loads of food if it means getting the gem dispenser without a goal timer! Just like the gran-gran goals. AND also have the opportunity to purchase more if we want to. And it's fair to those who have never gotten the watch vids for free gems option.

    On the gifting aspect.. if only there's a search button, or alphabetically categorised, or some sort of order that have been suggested by a LOT of ppl.. but nope. And the gift back button hasn't been fixed until today. There's no option to "select all" for mass gifting.. not everyone has the time to be stuck in front of their devices and scroll through 1000 pages of disorganized parts/food and gift their great neighbours individually. I find that to be very VERY stressful because I want to help my neighbours but it's really, REALLY annoying. It's really a shame because I feel like RS and BS have a lot of potential with a lot of loyal adult players who are willing to spend real money to play these games.

    I just sometimes feel like it's really pointless to say anything. The whole Suggestions thread seems to be just there for show. A lot of players have pretty good and efficient ideas to make the game better but it seems to be ignored. Why have it there in the first place then?

    Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from my games instead...
    You don't know what you're capable of until you can pick yourself up after falling down.

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    15 days is not long enough for most people! Requesting parts to build the appliances can take days since I've always done 6 of each to accomplish goals. And now with the side goals that I know are optional, but I try to complete to get the older items awarded. They are very costly & feel like a full time job! And if you're sick & not able to play you can't complete the goals in time frame given. PLEASE RECONSIDER GOING BACK TO 30 DAY GOALS with small things between for those who play all day!

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    I agree that 15 days is not enough time to complete a goal. We should have at least 24-30 days to complete the goals. The side goals could be 10-15 days to have a chance to complete it.

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    I like it to stay with 15 days and reduce the amount of parts needed to build the appliance and food required to complete the goal. For example cook 5 food to unlock the next instead of 15. Use 5 paints instead of 10, etc. It'd be nice to skip the 1 hour recipes as well. Many of us work full time and cannot check the phone every hour. Life is usually a pain so don't make the game so demanding.

    Level 99 3 star player. Play goals and gift parts during goal time. Can't tip/gift everyday otherwise but will do as much as I can. Feel free to add me.

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    2 months since this posted and it hasnt chNged a bit. But more and more are opting to ignore a goal, or resigned to leAve it incomplete. Tsk

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    HELP! Goal problems

    Goals are only appearing when there is 14 days left. I can never finish them anymore because it?s not enough time. Also, I can?t watch videos to speed up the cooking.

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    When a new goal pops up it automatically starts a 14 day countdown. They will all say "14 days left" on the first day that the goal starts. The next day will say "13 days left"...etc.

    The videos to speed up recipes are random. I may only get them once a week.

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